Ultimate Collection of Ubuntu Themes for Windows

by: - Last updated on: August 24th, 2019

Some of you might love the look and feel of Ubuntu but cannot afford to get rid of Windows easily. Of-course Ubuntu is not just about the great looks, but let’s not get into it now. So, here’s a list of Ubuntu themes for Windows XP/Vista to keep you satisfied, and to keep that boring default Luna theme away!

How to Install Ubuntu Visual Style Themes for Windows

  • Download UX Theme MultiPatcher from here
  • Run the setup file
  • Grab anyone of the following styles and download them on to your PC
  • Double click on the .msstyle file and apply the style.
  • Voila! Your Windows has a new look!
  • Note: These themes don’t require any other third party software such as WindowBlinds, etc.

Most Beautiful Ubuntu Themes for Windows

1. Human theme for Windows

human ubuntu theme

Download Human theme for Windows

2. Human v1.0 Final

human final ubuntu

Download Human v1.0 Final

3. ClearLooks Ubuntu theme for XP

clearlooks ubuntu theme

Download ClearLooks for Windows | More Info

4. Clearlooks Ubuntu Compact

clearlooks ubuntu compact

Download Clearlooks Ubuntu Compact

5. Ubuntu Theme 1 Click Setup

Ubuntu theme windows setup

Download Ubuntu Theme 1 Click Setup

6. Ubuntu Mod for Windows

ubuntu mod windows

Download Ubuntu Mod for Windows

7. Ubuntu XP

Ubuntu xp

Download Ubuntu XP theme for Windows | More Info

8. Ubuntu transformation Pack for Windows XP

ubuntu transformation pack

Download Ubuntu transformation pack for Windows | More Info

9. Ubuntu Smooth theme for Windows

ubuntu smooth theme

Download Ubuntu Smooth Theme | More Info

10. UbDark for Windows

ubdark windows theme

Download UbDark Theme for Windows | More Info

11. Ubuntu Ultimate Customization

ubuntu ultimate customization

Download and More Info here

12. UBUNTU XP samurize

Ubuntu samurize theme

Download Ubuntu XP Samurize | More Info

13. XP to Ubuntu

xp to ubuntu

Download XP to Ubuntu Visual Style | More Info

Hope you have enjoyed this collection! 13 Ubuntu themes for Friday-the-13th ;)


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  1. Excellent. Now when I have to occasionally bual-boot into windoze to run something I can’t get working in wine, I don’t have to hang my head in shame if anyone sees my desktop. Finally my guilty secret is between me and my laptop.