A Photoshop action is a recording of a sequence of commands and operations that you can save and access later on. For many amateurs like me (and even for designers), Photoshop actions can be extremely helpful for experimenting with different effects and for saving time during the photo editing process.

But with thousands of Photoshop actions available on the web, how can you find the most suitable ones for your photo editing needs? Well, here is my effort to help you with the list of useful Photoshop actions you can use for different purposes, from basic photo retouching to applying a striking effect in a couple of clicks.

50 Stunning Photoshop Actions to Enhance your Photos

Portrait Actions I – by ver00nika


Soft Touch Action – by chulli-stock

photoshop touchup actions

Professional Photoshop Actions – by maanistudios

photoshop touchup actions

Color Enhancing Actions – by princess-of-shadows

photoshop touchup actions

Lomo Cross-processing – by sb-stock

lomo cross-processing screen shot.

Polaroid Generator – by rawimage

polaroid generator screen shot.

Vintage – by atncentral

vintage screen shot.

Vintage Wash – by princess-of-shadows

vintage wash screen shot.

Photoshop Color Actions 2 – by aliceinunderland

photoshop touchup actions

Eye Color – by jean31

photoshop touchup actions

Simple Stamp Generator – by bobbyperux

simple stamp generator screen shot.

HDR Fantasticalizers – by forfie

photoshop actions

Oscar Pilch Photoshop Action – by w1zzy

photoshop actions

Color Balance – by shagagraf

photoshop touchup actions

Photo Improvement – by vampiri4

photoshop touchup actions

Cinematic Effect – by orangeycow


Photoshop Actions 41 by night-fate

photoshop actions

Diabolic – by davidnanchin

photoshop touchup actions

Photoshop Actions 63 – by night-fate

photoshop actions

Photoshop Action 24 – by saturn-rings

photoshop actions

Cross-Processing ATN – by mutato-nomine


50 Photoshop Postwork Actions – by manicho


Photoshop Action 16 – by saturn rings

photoshop actions

Photoshop Action 25 – by saturn-rings

photoshop actions

Old Style Sepia Effect – by turningturnip

photoshop actions

Photoshop Actions 33 – by night fate

photoshop actions

Photoshop Action – by kahwe

photoshop actions

Pseudo HDR – by finessefx

pseudo hdr screen shot.

Photoshop Action 2 – by saturn-rings


Comics Photoshop Action – by mutato-nomine

comics photoshop action screen shot.

Portrait Actions II – by ver00nika


Action Pack I – by EmberGFX


Photo Colouring 11.2 – by iconmaker91

photoshop touchup actions

Retro Love – by pseudonymfreak

retro love screen shot.

Soften Skin Effect – by turningturnip

soften skin effect screen shot.

Edge Effects – by panosfx

edge effects screen shot.

300 Action – by alejandroeljusto

photoshop touchup actions

Vivid Blur – by alenajay

photoshop touchup actions

Dazzle Effects – by dazzle-textures

photoshop touchup actions

Black and White Photoshop Actions – by dazzle-textures

photoshop touchup actions
Photo Coloring VI – by iconmaker91

photoshop touchup actions

sa-cool Action 1.05 – by sa-cool

photoshop touchup actions

Old Photo Action – by shagagraf

photoshop touchup actions

Photo Coloring II – by iconmaker

photoshop touchup actions

CS3 Action – High Key – digitalarticulation

photoshop touchup actions

Photo Aging by mutato-nomine


Photographers Toolkit 1 – by WallStorm


Black and White Photoshop Actions – by maanistudios

photoshop touchup actions

Page Curl – by pstutorialsblog


HolgaRoid Generator BW – by rawimage


TackIt! Mini – by finessefx


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