Have you ever wondered how you would look when you get old and have wrinkles? Ever wondered how you would have been if you were born in a different race or ethnicity? Or how you would look if you were born of the opposite sex?!

Well, now you can find out all these, thanks to a project by a British university. Staff at University of St. Andrews have published several tools on their site – “Face of the Future” as part of a study into the social implications of facial recognition software.

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All you have to do is, just upload an image, then select your gender, along with your age group (child, teenager, young adult or older adult). Then at the very end, you get to choose which race you resemble the most (Afro-Caribbean, Caucasian, East-Asian or West-Asian). You can see how you’d look as a baby, as a teen, as the opposite gender, as an older person and an anime character.

The technology is similar to that used for by an advertising agency last November to show an African American John McCain and a Caucasian Barack Obama to put across the message that voters should make decisions based on policy rather than race.



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