If you are a regular reader of TechPP, you must have noticed that the logo size has reduced. I always keep meddling with the theme design and the logo. Initially I used to struggle a lot to resize the logo, since it is of PNG format. PNG image format is the most preferred format when it comes to image background transparency. There are numerous desktop image editors like Irfan View, ACDsee, Picasa etc and there many online image editors as well.

Most of these desktop image editors and online image editors fail miserably when it comes to PNG image resizing, especially when retaining Transparency. They always remove the transparent background and replace it with a colored one. Latest version of Irfan View does show an option to resize PNG images AND retain transparency, but I never figured out how to use it successfully. Using Adobe Photoshop solves the issue, since it has an inbuilt plugin to resize PNG image cleanly. But then, not everyone owns Photoshop. Also, loading the software, opening the image and resizing it would take time. So, which is an easier option to resize PNG images?

Resize PNG images online with Images.My-addr


Images.My-addr.com is an online image editor and resizer which lets you resize your PNG image AND retain quality i.e transparent background. This Web tool has an amateurish yet simple to use interface where you can upload your PNG image (upto 4mb size) and resize it. It gives an option to choose the compression level (there are 9 options available). Try out different compression levels and see which one works out better for you.

I am sure there will be other such online image editors (and desktop editors as well) which would do the same thing. Feel free to share the name of such services/software in your comments below.

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