With Apple iTunes as the sole Apps distribution and review center, iPhone and iPod Touch users don’t have to worry about virus or malware attacks. Even if there happened to be one, it can be disabled remotely via a central system in Apple’s HQ. With apps out of the picture, the only way for virus writer to infect an iPhone is via the internet – web surfing.

Trend Smart Surfing for iPhone and iPod Touch devices provides a smarter, safer experience when surfing the Web. It is the first secure browser to protect you from Web pages with malicious intent. If you attempt to access a bad or malicious URL, Smart Surfing is designed to block access to the URL and a notification will appear in the browser.



* Secured by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network
* Blocks access to Web pages with malicious content
* Helps protect against phishing attacks
* Provides color-coded search results to easily identify harmful Web pages
* Easy-to-modify protection strength level and notifications
* Supports browsing multiple Web pages at the same time

When you use Trend Smart Surfing to browse the Internet, before the URL is accessed it is quickly and invisibly checked in the background against our constantly updated Web Reputation database. If the url is known to be a phishing site or contains malicious content such as spyware, malware or other potentially harmful content the Web page is blocked with a notification.

If you are an Internet starter, I would suggest to use Trend Micro Surfing for greater security and peaceful browsing.

Download Trend Micro Smart Surfing for iPhone and iPod Touch

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