Continuing the series of posts on Windows 7 tips, here is a small tutorial on speeding up the booting of Windows 7 and Windows Vista. This is very important and helpful especially since both Windows Vista and 7 are accused to be pathetic when it comes to booting time.

Windows 7 and Windows Vista have an option to select the number of processors that can use for the booting process. It will be one by default. So if you are using a dual, quad processors (most of the recent PCs have dual processors atleast), you can increase the booting speed by using more processors. To set this, follow the simple steps given below

1. Open Run windows (Win+R)

2. Type MSConfig and Press Enter


3. Go to Boot Tab


4. Click on Advanced options button


5. Check the Number of Processors checkbox and select the maximum value from the drop down


6. Click OK and then Apply and then Click OK again.

7. Reboot to save the changes made.

Update: I just slapped myself on my face for falling for this trick. This doesn’t work. Click here to know why.

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