Few days back we had seen a detailed guide on running XP mode for Windows 7. One of the main pre-requisite in order to run the Windows XP Mode, which comes as an add-on was that your CPU must have hardware level virtualization support.

This requirement made it impossible for many users to use Windows XP Mode on Windows 7. Not to worry anymore! Here is an alternative for XP ModeVMLite.

VMLite XP mode


VMLite XP Mode offers similar functions as Microsoft XP Mode, but doesn’t require hardware virtualization. It allows you to run Windows XP at the same time from your desktop running on a different host operating system.

Features of VMLite XP mode

* Provides similar functions as Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode from Microsoft
* No requirement for hardware-assisted virtualization, namely, it runs without VT-x or AMD-v
* Provides seamless integration with host desktop to run applications from Windows XP virtual machine
* Host files can be accessed from within the XP Mode virtual machine easily
* Support 3rd party virtual machine images
* Runs on any PC with Windows XP and above as host operating system
* Highly performed, XP Mode boots in 15 seconds


Download VMLite XP Mode for Windows 7

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