Update: This article was originally published in 2010 and is currently outdated. Instead, check our guide on how to speed up web browser.

What do you do when your internet speed is at its worst? Do you want to check your mails, check your AdSense income, or complete some important research work and you are not able to do any of them? This will be a day-to-day affair if you are using dial-up connection or a slow broadband connection. This post is especially intended for those power users of the internet who don’t want to miss their web experience even when connections speed sucks. Using this trick, you can carry out your web surfing easily and swiftly as if you were on a proper broadband line. We will see about a way/alternative to surfing the internet when your internet speed is frequently irregular and slow at times.


Trick to Browse web faster when Internet connection Sucks

Opera Mini is a mobile browser based on java platform used on most cellphones to surf internet on mobile in a pc-friendly navigation style. Opera Mini 5 (the latest version) is faster, easier and features pc-friendly internet/web-surfing. Browsing through opera mini is faster because opera mini uses its own proxy server to fetch websites for you. Opera Mini squeezes web pages and presents to you your desired content at a reasonable speed.

Steps to surf on PC using mobile browser opera mini to experience speed even when the actual internet speed is low:

1. First, we need to make sure that Java runtime is installed on our PC because to run mobile java applications, we need an emulator and to run an emulator, a java runtime class is required.

Download the latest Java runtime environment for windows pc.

After downloading, install it and then proceed to the next step.

2. Now we need an emulator to emulate a mobile java application on pc. The emulator should be able to use the network and should support the full-screen view of the mobile application. Here we choose MicroEmulator.

Download MicroEmulator

After downloading, open microemulator.jar


3. Now we need to fit/resize the micro emulator to our PC screen so that we can surf the web on PC in full-screen mode. For this, we need to add a device to the micro emulator.

Download devices.zip containing resizable.jar and opera mini 5.jad for microemulator.

Extract the downloaded folder.

4. Now click on options button in Microemulator. Check Midlet Network Access. Then click on Select Device, then click on ADD button. Locate the downloaded resizable.jar and click open



5. Now select resizable.jar – Click on set as default – hit OK.


6. Now click on File menu, locate opera-mini.jad in the downloaded folder above. Click on Start. Opera Mini will  configure itself. Now just open your desired website and surf the web swiftly with a few limitation.


Click on thumbnail above to see how techpp.com looks in full screen on opera mini browser on pc.

Using the method, mentioned above, you can browse the web fastly and swiftly while some websites don’t render fully but this method is particularly useful for dial-up users to get their web task done in a minute.

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