The final version of Mozilla Firefox 3.6 was released earlier this week and one of the cool features included in this latest version is the Tab Preview feature. Many people don’t even know the existence of such a feature basically due to the fact that it is disabled by default!

Tab Preview feature in Firefox 3.6 lets you move to any opened tab just by using Ctrl + Tab keys. This is very similar to the tab preview feature of Windows Vista and 7. If you have opened a lot of tabs and find it difficult to switch using Alt + Tab feature, then you can use Ctrl + Shift + Tab which allows you switch to a tab using the tab search option.

Follow the simple steps below to enable or disable the tab switching feature in Firefox 3.6

How to Enable Tab Preview Feature In Firefox 3.6?

  • In a new tab of Firefox 3.6, type about:config in the address bar
  • about-config

  • Click on I’ll be careful, I promise! button
  • about-config-alert

  • Filter for browser.ctrlTab.previews & browser.ctrlTab.previews
  • browser-tabs

  • Double-click the entries to set the value to True



Note that you can view this feature only if you have opened three or more tabs.

In order to disable the Tab-preview feature, follow the same steps above and change the entries to False.

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