Facebook Doppelganger Week – Find Your Celebrity Look-Alike

by: - Last updated on: December 17th, 2016

The status updates on Facebook need no good reason to go viral. Be it updating the bra colors to raise the breast cancer awareness (don’t ask me how!) or helping the victims of Haiti earthquake, or even the latest “my ex-girlfriend” worm, Facebookers always love a reason to play with their status updates.

The latest one making rounds is Facebook Doppelganger week! What is it about?

It’s Celebrity Doppelgänger week. During this week please change your profile picture to someone famous you have been told you look like and post this to your profile.


The origin of this trend is unclear, but expect to see it for a while. If you are wondering (like me) which celebrity you resemble (or wish to resemble!), then I would let you know about a cool web tool to help you find that

Find your Celebrity Look-alike on MyHeritage

Head over to MyHeritage and through their fancy-schmancy advanced face recognition technology, you can upload a picture of yourself and get a set of celebrities that you bear resemblance to.

A quick note to warn you – the results are sometime amazing to something outright ridiculous. Anyway it is meant to be for fun only! So, make sure you filter out the insulting matches and choose only the worthy/decent ones if you decide to pitch in for Facebook Doppeganger Week! As for me, it was a disaster, so I am out of Doppeganger week :|


Find your Celebrity Look-alike at MyHeritage

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  1. Hey this may be a little self promotion, but it’s relevant considering doppelganger week is approaching for 2011, but my company made an iPhone app that can be used to find your celebrity doppelganger. It’s called Celebrity Twin2Me and it can be found here: http://twin2me.com We believe it’s way more awesome and accurate than anyone else’s :-).

    Let me know if you guys over at TechPP would like some review copies for yourself or your readers to try it out. Thanks!