Google Chrome 6.0.472.53, the stable build of the latest version of Google Chrome has been released for Windows, Mac and Linux. Having completed just 2 years, Google Chrome has grown and improved leaps and bounds and now, it has become the top choice of many geeks and non-geeks.

Chrome 6 comes with a host of new features including autofill capability and other user interface perks. It is important to note that it’s only been four months since Chrome 5 went stable, so a new stable version just proves the great amount of development work happening at the backend.

Google Chrome 6 also brings the new consolidated menu, richer content settings like the JavaScript, plug-ins, notifications, and others, and the first-run search engine selection screen. There’s also a faster V8 JavaScript engine under the hood. Another notable change is absense of http:// in address bar

Direct Download Google Chrome 6

You can directly update to Google Chrome 6 via the browser or download from here. In case you prefer to use the standalone Offline Installer of Chrome 6.0, check the link below

Direct Download Chrome 6.0

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