Download Android Theme for Windows 7

by: - Last updated on: October 30th, 2019

For all you Android fanboys/geeks who are on Windows, here is a cool Android Windows 7 theme which is Free to use!


This was long pending. Android is all over the mobile phone market and ruling the roost these days. No wonder it has one of the largest fan following in recent times. After all, Success has many relatives!


The Android theme for Windows 7 brings in some nice collection of Android wallpapers to your desktop. It consists of 25+ custom Android wallpapers, custom Android Icons and some funky sounds which every Android fan would appreciate.

Download Android Theme for Windows 7


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  1. Cool theme, but wish it was a standard .Zip instead of this .Rar that requires a separate program that one has to buy to continue using. I used a trial version to unzip this and will uninstall the program as normally the standard .Zip version DL is always available.