[How to] Root Samsung Galaxy Tab

by: - Last updated on: September 7th, 2018

Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Android based tablet is possibly the nearest competitor to Apple’s iPad currently. And the good news is that the Galaxy Tab has been rooted successfully. If you are wondering what’s the need to root it, by rooting your Samsung Galaxy Tab running on Android OS you can install root-only apps out there, uninstall apps that can’t normally be removed, complete backups (Nandroid), flash custom ROMs, apply themes, change boot animations etc.


Rooting Galaxy Tab – z4root (1-click root)

z4root is a one-click root app from RyanZA, the XDA Developer, which makes rooting Android devices really easy.

1. Download z4root from Android market. [mirror]

2. Enable USB debugging by pressing the Menu button, then tap Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging.

3. Launch z4root and press the “Root” button.


4. The device will restart. Run z4root again to check if the rooting process was successful. If rooting was a success, then you’ll see a new Superuser app in your app drawer/tray.

Note that Z4root works for all these devices – Droid X, Droid 2, HTC EVO, HTC Hero, Galaxy S devices. And yeah, rooting your device voids the manufacturer warranty. Do it at your own risk.


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  1. Hi guys, its hard and dificult… I’m two weeks with my new tablet, q I am really enjoying it BUT killing me to ake naum and can solve a problem …

    The AS THE ROOT, ROOT MODE, rooted, his model is sansung galaxy, P1010 that comes with 3G,
    I updated to version 2.3.3 for girgerbred, and I’m trying to access root mode, but uses the z4root and many SUPERONECLICK from versions of the XNAdevelopers to baixaki and no root access so, anyone know tell me if there is a problem to enter into the root after upgrade ????? what am I doing wrong??

    Please if someone has a light in the end of the tunel, because already researched in more than 20 sites and more than 10 blogs and nothing , zero = [
    if you can send me a email or answer here allanrp@hotmail.com

    tks guys