As an avid Android fan, I enjoy every tool that developers give us. And as you might know, the best place to see all of these awesome Android tools is on the XDA Developers forum. The XDA community is packed full of great Android developers that give us everything from ROMs to Kernels, custom apps and sorts of other utilities and very useful information.

We previously featured some backup apps for Android devices that could help you keep your data after flashing a ROM, but now, the developers from the XDA forum have brought us an awesome program that can backup and restore all the files on your smartphone.

Ultimate Backup tool for Android

This backup utility works on rooted and unrooted Android devices, with unlocked bootloader or otherwise. The tool works via ADB and it can make a complete backup in a manner of minutes (took about 5 minutes for me). Also, it lets you to later restore the backups you made and protect them with a password. When the backup is done, your Android smartphone will go back to the home screen and you will be able to find the backup in the “C:/backup” folder.

ultimate backup tool - full backup without root

How does Ultimate Backup Tool work?

This utility works by using ADB, and so, you will need to have installed ADB, the SDK files and the Android drivers (you will easily find these files on the web, and we also featured some download links in our tutorial on how to root ICS devices, the Android drivers are specific to each manufacturer of smartphones, so you will have to find those on your own). Also, make sure that you have the “USB Debugging” feature turned on, on the device.

  1. After connecting your phone to your computer, hit “Turn on USB Storage
  2. In the Ultimate Backup Tool menu, select what task you want to get done.
  3. The phone will prompt you to accept the backup and you are all set.
  4. From here, the process is automated and in a few minutes you will have a complete backup of your device.
  5. Enjoy!

This is how simple it is to back-up your Android device. Also, for more interested people out there, here is a link to the Source Code of the utility. Although backup apps work great also, for a more easy process, you might want to give this utility a shot, here is the download link for this utility. Thank you XDA Developers for another awesome utility to make our Android devices even better!

[Via] XDA Developers

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