Alongside math, another pretty hard subject for any student is physics. There are so many theories and so many branches of physics that some find it overwhelmingly hard. Also, there all those terms and symbols that look alike and have definitions and formulas that seem to be written in an alien language. You all know this to be true, especially engineering students (I have personal experience in this case and can sympathize with you).

But fear not, Android developers are hard at work in trying to bring us some great education apps that can give us a hand with these troublesome theories. Although there are quite a few apps on the Play store, I found most of them rather incomplete and not at all satisfying. Some only calculate 1-2 formulas and do not offer any information. This is why we put together this top of the best physics apps for Android devices.

Top 6 Android Physics Apps

In the hope to aid students with their physics problems, we bring you our top picks from the Play Store and we hope that in the near future, more such apps will be available and they will have more information and that they will give us the possibility to solve entire physics problems with only a few taps.

6. Physics Cheater

physics cheater

Not as complete as the other apps featured in this top, but still a very good Android physics app is Physics Cheater. If you are ever in the need of some quick information on some physics theories, this app can prove to be your savior. It’s been developed to help you find the information that you need very quick and not waste time by browsing through countless menus. Give it a try and you might find it very useful.

5. Mobile Observatory – Astronomy

mobile observatory - astronomy

Astronomy and Astrophysics are two of the most awesome branches of physics. And such an app should not miss fromt the phone of any amateur astronomer or physics student. Mobile Observatory – Astronomy is an Android physics app that features a fully zoomable night sky map complete with detailed information about planets of all sizes, stars and nebulas. The only drawback of this app is that it is not free, but then again, this information is worth the modest price of $5.

4. Physics by WAGmob

physics by wagmob

Simple ‘n Easy are renowned for their well designed learning apps, and the Physics app is no exception. This little Android physics app gives all the required information with a few taps. A perfect app for any student who wants to learn and then to test his knowledge by taking one of the quizzes the app has. Also, the app is very well structured and it implements a very user friendly interface where you can find information on just about any branch of physics.

3. High School Physics

high school physics

If simple physics is what you are studying, then this Android physics app is right down your alley. It provides just basic information about lower level physics, but a great resource for high school students who need some extra help or who want to check their results by using this app to calculate and solve problems. I wouldn’t recommend this app for those who have more complex calculations.

2. Physics Cheat Sheets FREE

physics cheat sheets free

Although developed for other purposes, this Android physics app gives you very detailed information on almost all branches of physics. It has been thought out as a quick reference guide, so all the information is quickly accessible and very structured. The simple user interface makes it easy for the user to navigate and find the right information, but I would recommend using this app on a device with a big screen as it tends not to fit on smaller devices. But all things considered, a very well designed app.

1. PhysicsOne Apps


PhysicsOne is, in my opinion the best developer of Android physics app on the Play Store. Their apps are simply awesome: packed full of information, nicely structured and a very good resource for any student who is in need of some great physics information. There a total of 9 apps so far, each based on a different branch of physics. It would have been nice to have one app encompassing the all, but I think it would have been a huge app with an overwhelming amount of information.

We hope these apps will provide the information you need, and although not as complete as the Android math apps, they are still great choices for those in need of some quick answers. If you know other good Android physics apps, please let us know by adding a comment.

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