The third and final top of Android science apps will end with one of the most difficult and challenging courses of all: Chemistry. If you thought math and physics were the top dogs, think again. I myself had “problems” with chemistry ever since I’ve first started taking this course, it was too hard and I never liked it. It’s only safe to assume that there are others in this position, and for them we come with a helping hand: Android chemistry apps.

I only wish these apps were available when I was struggling with chemistry, but then again, I managed to pull through, and with the help of these apps, you will do it very easily. Of course, they are not perfect and they will not solve chem problems for you, but they can provide some very useful information and at times, they can save you from a bad grade.

Top Chemistry Apps for Android

After doing some research and trying out some apps, I have found a few that can prove useful to students and pupils alike. It’s a shame that the Play Market developers are more focused on other kinds of apps than on learning apps, and this aspect became clear when I started trying out some of the so called “chemistry apps” and discovered that many of them are useless and provide wrong information. Nevertheless, I managed to find some apps that are simply awesome. They have very well structured information and can be of great assistance. Now, let’s take a look at the best Android chemistry apps on the Play Store.

5. Chemistry Mobile Free

chemistry mobile free

And because this top would not be complete without a problem solver, we give you Chemistry Mobile Free. This tiny app is a very useful calculator that can balance chemical equations or evaluate formulas. The app features a periodic table for obtaining information on the different chemical elements and a molar mass calculator and unit converter.

All these tools are perfect for those who are just starting to learn chemistry, but it can also prove very useful for more experienced users and chemistry students. Its ease of use is also one of the app’s strong points. It has been developed for maximum productivity and so, its user interface is very intuitive. These being said, try it and see for yourself how quick you can calculate chemical formulas with this great Android chemistry app.

4. WolframAlpha


If you are wondering why this app if featured in this top, due to the fact that it is not strictly a chemistry app, but more of a “general-science-life-learning app” that encompasses pretty much any subject you might want to learn about, it is because the level of attention to detail and the huge amount of data it contains. This reminds me of a movie supercomputer that knows anything and can answer any question you ask it. Although it is the most expensive app in this top, I believe that it’s well worth the $4 price tag. I can’t even begin to explain how much information WolframAlpha can give, you will just have to see for yourself to believe.

3. Chemistry Cheat Sheets FREE

chemistry cheat sheets free

We meet again with a Cheat Sheet app, this time it is not about physics, but about an even harder subject: chemistry. The layout of the app is the same as with its physics counterpart. The information is easily accessible, very easy to read and very well structured.

The simple UI makes it very intuitive, and for someone like me who does not possess too much chemistry knowledge, it’s very simple to use and find information without having to search through too many menus. This app can be the perfect tool for students or pupils, because it offers a vast amount of information and it does not require a chemistry degree to understand.

2. Chemistry by WAGmob

chemistry by wagmob

We have seen a relative of Chemistry by WAGmob in our top of physics app for Android, and seeing it here can attest to the quality of apps produced by Simple n’ Easy. If you wish to learn chemistry, then this app is a must have.

You can access a great amount of information, definitions and examples, and at the end of your learning period, you can take some of the integrated quizzes to test your knowledge. The app is very well designed, its user interface is very easy to navigate and the graphical examples and definitions help you learn quicker and better. Also, the app has a brother called Organic Chemistry by WAGmob, so you can learn what branch of chemistry you need.

1. Periodic Droid

periodic droid

The periodic table of elements is the stepping stone of chemistry, and everyone who wants to learn chemistry must first start by memorizing it. Of course, it’s not that easy as it sounds, but luckily for you, Periodic Droid comes to your help.

This Android chemistry app allows you to search for elements, it gives you information about each element and above all, it features a cool and very easy to navigate user interface, so you will not get lost in all that chemical knowledge. You can also search Wikipedia for information on certain elements and to test what you have learned, there is the possibility to take quizzes. Although it misses some features, such as chemical formulas or the possibility to solve problems, this app is well worth installing.

These are our top picks for the best Android chemistry apps, but if you think that some apps that should belong on this top were missed, please let us know by leaving a comment. As I have mentioned, chemistry was not one of my strong points, and my perception of what information a good chemistry app should contain might be flawed, but still, give these apps a try and see if you find them useful.

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