Moving along with our top science apps (we first showed you the best iOS math apps), now it’s time to clear some of the mystery surrounding the great laws of physics. These have plagued students throughout school, starting from the first time they have encountered this great foe. To your rescue, comes your trusty iOS device, capable of helping you learn physics and gain the advantage you need to pass this difficult subject.

Hold together, we are nearing our end into this trip down science lane. If our top iOS math apps allowed you to accurately do your calculations, now you can some of the best iOS physics apps to factor in the different and intriguing physics. After using them, you will never find a physics problem that can grind your work to a halt.


Best 8 iOS Physics Apps

I remember my first year of college. I was freshly off the benches of high school, and I thought I know physics. This illusion was shattered in my very first college physics course. I was looking at a blackboard and I didn’t know what the teacher had wrote on it. If I only had some physics apps to help me then, things could have been really good, but I didn’t. Now, I try to help others not to go through what I have endured, and by using the following apps, you won’t have to.

8. Physics Calculator

physics calculator

As an electrical engineering student, I found this app very useful. It helps you calculate R-C circuits, series or parallel circuits, but it can prove to be very useful for other physics calculations, as well. Although the app does not have a user interface that stands out, its usefulness is what makes it great.

Physics Calculator is a perfect tool for engineering students that want to make their difficult calculations in a short time, or for those who want to run the numbers again and see if they have made any mistakes when solving problems. Give it a go and you will see how good this app performs by transforming your iPhone into a top of the line physics calculator.

7. Physics Full Course

physics full course

I remember back when I had physics courses, I used to skip most of them. And if you are like me, or if you would like to learn more about physics, this complete course will be just the right app for you, having an entire course full of useful information that you can learn.

The app is structured in chapters, each of them having a number of lessons, very well explained that will help you delve into the mysteries of physics. By using this app, you will certainly learn all the principles of physics, and if you are interested in consolidating your knowledge on a particular lesson, you can use the search bar to find exactly what you need. This is by far one of the most complete physics apps I have ever tested.


6. Physics Formula Calculator

physics formula calculator

RealSimpleEdu.Com has provided some awesome learning apps (I encourage you to check them all out) over time, and this wonderful calculator is one of them. With all that physics theory and equations that the other apps provide, a physics calculator will definitely be handy.

You can punch in the numbers in any of the over 65 commonly used formulas and you will have a result in no time. The app itself is very simple: you have a menu with all the calculation that it can do and you select the one you need and input the numbers. The app also shows you the default formula, so it can even be used as a physics reference app if you need one specific formula for a test or exam.

5. Physics Handbook

physics handbook

The perfect app for learning and testing your knowledge! Physics handbook provides its users a service that is very important in school: useful and easy to obtain information. The application can also be regarded as a self-learning tool because you can test your newly acquired information by doing some of the app’s integrated quizzes.

Similar to the other apps here, it covers all the major areas of physics, but it does so utilizing one of the best looking interfaces of all. Its menus are simple to navigate and although lacking a search bar, it does however uses the UI to its advantage so you won’t notice it missing. All the information is very well put together and by using graphs and diagrams, you will learn quite quickly.

4. Physics


Don’t let the simple name fool you, this app covers all the major areas of physics (mechanics, energy, electricity and magnetism, wave phenomena, modern physics, motion in a plane, internal energy, electromagnetic applications, geometric optics, nuclear energy) and it gives you explained formulas on each field, which you can share via email, text message, Twitter or Facebook.

The main menu of the app is very simple and this helps you find the formula you need in a few seconds. Also, you can add your personal notes to the equations, thus making the app more useful with time. You can use this app as a study guide, or for your exams, when time is at the essence.

3. Physics Chemistry Maths Formulas: Formula MAX

physics chemistry maths formulas formula max

One of the most complex apps we have found comes in the form of Physics Chemistry Maths Formulas: Formula MAX, an app that cover physics, math and chemistry in depth and with a library of over 1000 formulas. This is really impressive, and what we like most about the app is its gorgeous UI: simple, easy to use and to navigate.

The information contained in the app is also very well organized, you can search for formulas or definitions and you can share them via email. If you are in need of a calculator, this app provides one too, so you can do all your physics homework or research from one app. I can say I was surprised to see just how much information this app contained!

2. Phy – phys. formulas and calculator

phy - phys. formulas and calculator

As a student, you will sometimes need to solve an equation in a short time or do more complex calculations, and without a handbook or a calculator near, it may become a problem. Well, not any more! Phy – phys. formulas and calculator offers you a great scientific calculator and more than 120 formulas which cover most areas of physics.

The table of constant and primitives is also a very useful tool that students might find interesting. At the moment, you might think that it does not supply enough information, but the number of formulas is constantly rising, and even now, you can find most of the things you need in just a few taps.

1. Physics – Oxford Dictionary

physics - oxford dictionary

This is not the first time we have met with Oxford Dictionary. They provided us with some of the best education apps we have found, and it is not a surprise to find yet another one in out top of physics apps. The Physics – Oxford Dictionary app has over 3800 explanations, well organised and simple to understand. Also, it features graphs, diagrams and tables that help you understand the difficult physics principles.

The app itself is beautifully designed, very easy to use (by using the search bar you can quickly find what you are looking for) and it also features appendices that include SI units, Nobel prize winners and other useful information.



Now, you are all set with all the iOS physics apps you need. One more step and we will be done with our series of science apps. Of course, if you have any recommendation on some other iOS physics apps that were not featured in this top and you feel they belong here, please leave a comment and we will do our best to add it to the list! Now, have fun learning physics!

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