That special day a new relationship is made official has to be treated with respect and so, it has to be carefully planned out, so that nothing is left to chance and both the guests and the newly wed will feel good and have pleasant memories that they will keep with them for rest of their lives.

In some cases, all the preparations are done by a specialized event planner, but these services can cost quite a lot, but also, if the wedding is planned by those who are getting married, it would be much more fun and special. Those who have taken on this task will attest to this, and although at that time, the entire process seemed very stressful and tiring, now they have the best memories of their wedding, planned by them.


Top Wedding Planning Apps

If you were wondering why would someone use such an app and not let a specialized wedding planner handle all the work, think of this: with the money you spend on paying a professional wedding planner, you can stay one or two days more on your honeymoon, or get some new gadgets for your new house. These free apps will allow you to plan your wedding to the very last detail and they offer users the benefit of making their wedding exactly how they imagined it.

Now that some of you might be convinced about these apps, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best apps for planning a wedding for both Android and iOS devices, so anyone can use them, regardless of the device they use. Now, without further to do, here are our top picks for the best wedding planning apps:

Best Android Wedding Planning Apps

Because our trusty Android devices are always by our side, it’s only natural that one might want to use an app designed to keep up with all the different aspects of making a wedding. Of course, if you find these apps lacking any features, you can always use Google Drive to create a document and share it with your partner.

4. Wedding Planner

wedding planner

This app is more of a toolbox full of goodies for those who want to plan their own weddings. The app contains all the options and features that one might want when planning their wedding, such as guest list (which is very detailed), vendors, budget and other features not commonly found in other apps: gifts, tables and import or export of the data in Microsoft XLS (Excel) format.

Although the app is not as user friendly as others on this list, it does offer some awesome features and thanks to these, users can plan their big day in detail, using just this single app. Also, thanks to the export and import feature, they can share the information and update it anytime they want.

3. Wedding Planning

wedding planning

Simplicity and ease of use are the main aspects that a good app must present, and this is exactly what you get by using Wedding Planning. Although the app does not have many menus, graphics and so on, it provides the perfect tools for planning a wedding and it can be considered one of the most complete apps there are.

It can allow users to create lists with invitations, payments and tasks and quickly access them via the very intuitive menu buttons on the top of the screen. The app runs smoothly and thanks to its simple but very user friendly user interface, you can very easily access the information that you need.

2. Our Wedding Planner

our wedding planner

If you want complete control over your wedding, then you are in for a lot of work. Luckily  Our Wedding Planner is an app that can give you a helping hand by providing you with some great tools that will help you manage your budget and all the different preparations for the wedding.

The app can keep track of your budget and it will always show you how much money you can spend, but apart from this, it will also allow you to set up a checklist of tasks for the wedding and create the guest list. The guests can be imported from your Contacts, or you can manually add them to the list.

1. Wedding Plandroid

wedding plandroid

Wedding Plandroid is one of the most complete Android wedding planning apps we’ve seen. This app will allow the future bride and groom to organize and carry out every aspect of their wedding, according to what they like and what their budget is. The app allows users to add all their expenses and compare them with the budget, to manage the guest list and the different vendors for the items they will be needing.

Also, if they have a date set for the big day, the app will begin a countdown and allow its users to set different events to the calendar, which will be shown as a timeline. This will make organizing much easier and it will ensure that no one forgets any task.

Best iOS Wedding Planning Apps

iOS users are all over the world, and thanks to the huge success of Apple’s products, many can benefit from these apps, designed especially to work on their phones or tablets. Also, if you know or use other apps for planning your weddings, please let us know by leaving a comment.

4. The Knot Weddings Magazine

the knot weddings magazine

If you want to stay informed of the newest and most beautiful wedding themes and dress designs, then The Knot Weddings Magazine for iPad users is the perfect app you should use. It provides its users with the very latest information on weddings and it can be a great resource for those who are looking for some inspiration.

Although the app itself is free, users must subscribe to the magazine (or they can buy single issues), but if you are trying to create the perfect wedding, this small investment is totally worth it. The Knot Magazine is a great resource for weddings, offering detailed information as well as great pictures.

3. Easy Weddings Planner

easy weddings planner

Easy Weddings Planner is an iOS app that truly makes planning a wedding easier. Its users have the benefit of using a very simple app to keep track of all the major information of a wedding, such as guests, seating, budget, suppliers and checklists with tasks regarding wedding planning.

Also, the app will provide brides with a notebook where they can add different reminders and thoughts, perfect for keeping track of their ideas. The app’s overall pink theme might not be so appealing to everyone, but when taking into consideration what the app can offer, this can be considered a small price to pay.

2. Wedding Inspiration

wedding inspiration

If you are planning your own wedding, but you don’t have too many ideas on how it should go, then this app is just what you need. As you’ve might have guessed from its name, Wedding Inspiration will give you some great ideas on how to create a dream wedding, offering photos and other information that you might want.

It covers everything from fairytale wedding to DIY concepts and everything in between, and it offers users the possibility to search for different themed weddings or designer weddings, in short: just about anything! When you find something interesting, you can add it to an in-app list, so you will be able to piece together the perfect day.

1. Wedding Planning Complete

wedding planning complete

As good as this app is, offering the best options for a couple who is interested in planning their own wedding, it does have one drawback: the lack of a theme changer (although this is a personal choice, I can safely assume that that pink will not be liked by too many users). Apart from its coat of paint, the app is pretty much flawless, having rock solid functionality and very smooth and fast menus.

Also, on the features side it does not disappoint, offering all that could be needed in such an app: wedding countdown, guest list, task list, vendors, customized sitting charts for each table and even wedding tips for those in need of some ideas or answers. Overall the app offers a perfect service and thanks to its user friendly UI, users will be very comfortable using it.

All that’s left now is to start buying all the things required for a wedding, and with the help of these apps, you can be sure that you will not forget anything. Of course, now that I think about it, we did forgot to throw in some bachelor party apps, after all, what’s a wedding without the bachelor party? On this note, we wish you good luck with the planning and a happy marriage!

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