The word “great” need not always refer to something that is mighty and complex. It could also be something that is just incredibly simple. And that applies especially to apps – much as we have been swayed by the sheer versatility of the likes of GarageBand and Evernote, we have also been moved by the ease of use of a Bump and a Chirp. Doing just one thing but doing it well also can count for a lot, as it cuts down on complexity and makes the app easier to use and more accessible.


This is why we must confess to being just delighted with the Nokia PhotoBeamer app that has been released for Nokia’s Lumia range of devices. Many of you might remember it as being associated with Scalado, a company Nokia grabbed. And now it has gone and made the app a Windows Phone exclusive (it used to be available for the iPhone earlier) and rebranded it as Nokia PhotoBeamer. It started out as being available for only the Windows Phone 8 bearing Lumia 920 and 820 but is now available for all Lumia phones. While that still limits it to only a part of the Windows Phone world, it is still quite a significant one.

The app is available free of cost from the Nokia Apps section of the Market on your Lumia device and is less than a megabyte in size. There is no setting up or registering involved. PhotoBeamer does just one thing – it lets you view an image on your Lumia device on any (and we mean ANY) display that is connected to the Internet. And runs a recent browser. Yep, that simple. You just start the app and select the picture you wish to share. You will then see the camera app opening up and will be asked to go to on the device on which you wish to see the picture – it could be another phone, a tablet, a notebook or even smart television. Arriving on the site, you will see a barcode. All you need to do is scan it using the camera (which the app opened on your Lumia, remember). And then site back and see your picture on display.


Yes, that’s all that PhotoBeamer does. Sends pictures to different screens from a Lumia. But it is the ease and simplicity with which it does, so that makes it special in our book. There are no cables, configurations, passwords, and wireless options to switch on – all you need is the Lumia and the device on whose screen you wish to see the picture to be connected to the Internet. And ah yes, the faster the connection, the better the results. There is a part of us that wishes it did more – let us transfer videos too, for instance; or let us swap documents; or maybe send pictures to social networks similarly (imagine posting a picture to Facebook by just scanning a code – none of that upload fuss!). But then, there is a lot of us that are just grateful that the app is as simple and effective as it is right now. It converts your handset into a projector of sorts – we had loads of fun showing pictures from our Lumia 900 on an iPhone 4S, a Galaxy Note 2, the Dell XPS 12, and even a TV which we had “smartened up” using an Amkette Android EvoTV smart box. The only hitch we faced was that of bandwidth – the app worked smoothly and never crashed.

If you have a Nokia Lumia, this is one app that you simply cannot afford to miss. We wager you will show it off within minutes of first using it.


Available from: Nokia Apps
Price: Free

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