Who hasn’t heard about Angry Birds, the incredibly popular game that is probably being played, just as we speak, by millions across the world. Recently, we were informing you that Rovio, the company behind Angry Birds, has decided to make the original Angry Birds game free for iOS devices, as it was already free on Android. This was, obviously, a well-planned move, in order to stay as much as possible in front of consumers’ eyes.

And now, we hear from Rovio itself that they company is going to release “Angry Birds Toons”, a cartoons series of 52 episodes that will be available to watch inside all the Angry Birds versions released so far (original Angry Birds, Angry Birds Space, Rio, Angry Birds Star Wars and its spinoff, Bad Piggies). Of course, Rovio wants to expand its business further than just the mobile environment, so they have partnered with a number of TV networks around the world in order to get a broader and bigger audience.

Get your popcorn ready for Angry Birds Toons

Starting with the 16-17 March weekend, the first weekly episode of Angry Birds Toons will hit the web, through smartphone and tablet applications. Albeit this move by Rovio is similar to what ZeptoLab has done with Cut the Rope, by placing short videos inside apps, the Finnish company claims that this is an “industry first”, where a video channel gets such a wide distribution.  Mikael Hed, CEO of Rovio:

We’ve long wanted to tell our fans the story of the Angry Birds and the Bad Piggies, to introduce their personalities and their world in detail. We’re delighted to introduce all this through our new channel, with easy and instant access to the stories in the palm of your hand. With over 1.7 billion downloads, we can reach a far wider and more engaged global audience than traditional distribution would allow. Launching the channel, and partnering up with some of the best video-on-demand providers and TV networks, is an important milestone for us on our journey towards becoming a fully fledged entertainment powerhouse.

Thus, we find out that all the Angry Birds games have a combined download number of 1.7 billion – amazing. With such a huge audience, the success of the upcoming cartoons series Angry Birds Toons is almost guaranteed. Those of you who will want to see the cartoons through their mobile apps, you should know that you’ll have to update to the latest version of your game, as soon as it becomes available. You’ll then find a channel button on the game’s home screen.

are you ready for some fun with angry birds toons?
Are you ready for some fun with Angry Birds Toons?

In the United States, let’s hope that only for the beginning, Angry Birds Toons won’t be streamed through TV networks. To solve the issue within the US and globally, Rovio has partnered with third party distribution platforms. Thus, as far as the United States audience is concerned, you will find a Angry Birds Toons channel on all of Comcast’s video platforms, including:

  • Xfinity on Demand
  • Online at Xfinity.com/tv
  • Xfinity TV Player app

Viewers from all over the world can use Samsung Smart TVs, Roku boxes and other platforms. Also, don’t forget about the dedicated Angry Birds Toons webpage, that Rovio informed us about at the end of February.

Here are some TV networks across the world, but we should expect more to embrace the flying birds craziness:

  • FOX8 in Australia
  • JEI TV in Korea
  • ANTV in Indonesia
  • Cartoon Network in India
  • MTV3 Juniori and MTV3 in Finland
  • Children’s Channel in Israel
  • 1+1 networks in Ukraine
  • Gulli and Canal J in France
  • SUPER RTL in Germany
  • TV2 in Norway
  • Canal 13 in Chile
  • Gloob in Brazil

The launch of the Angry Birds Toons series is a great way to prepare the audience for something even bigger, in matters of cinematics. As previously announced, Rovio also wants some Hollywood love – plans for a  feature-length movie have already started and the expected release is the summer of 2016. The team that will work on the upcoming movie about Angry Birds is consisted of the “Despicable Me” producer,  John Cohen; David Maisel, the former chairman of Walt Disney and executive producer of “Iron Man”.

Rovio knows how to make money

Rovio definitely knows how to milk the cash cow. The company has proved that it knows how to do right the merchandising of its products and actually, according to some past reports, it accounts for 30 percent of the entire revenue. Now, they’re launching one of the world’s biggest video networks in its games. Angry Birds isn’t anymore only a game, it is a brand, a very powerful one. And the game itself isn’t a game but rather an advertising platform, which brings in 10 billion ad impressions every month.

The move to traditional media is a planned move. If these cartoon series will be appreciated by viewers, Angry Birds Toons has all the chances of becoming a highly popular show, hence, to increase the merchandising. And that can only bring more money to the smart businessmen at Rovio.

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