The 7 Best Online Alarm Clocks with Timer and Sound Notifications

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You are at home, browsing the web or watching a movie on Netflix and the only element disrupting your peace and comfort is a very important appointment, due in 4 hours. Knowing how easily you can forget about specific times or critical tasks, once you’ve immersed yourself in the beautiful world of entertainment, you try to find something to keep you afloat; a reminder, a sticky note to put on your desk… an alarm.

When a watch is missing from the wrist and you tend to spend a lot of time around the computer, the best option is an online alarm clock, one with a full, synchronized timer and which will notify the user using sound messages. There are more than a couple of websites capable of delivering this service and a bit more, but we’ve taken some time to check out the best, right here.

Useful Online Alarm Timers

Using an online timer will not only help you to not forget important things, like showing up to a meeting, catching a bus on time or remembering to pick up your laundry, but can also simplify your life. Why use another device for performing a task, when you are already camped near a computer? Moreover, some of the variants presented below have a special set of features which can turn a boring notification, into something truly funny.


KuKu Klok

Although it has a rather strange name, KuKu Klok is a website designed to wake up users at specific times and with a pre-defined sound. Users have the possibility of choosing between a regular rooster howl, a classic clock sound, an electronic beep (which is annoying beyond usual), a rock song and a military trumpet.The website is pretty easy to use. Simply navigate to the official address, set a timer, a sound and then confirm your selection.

Interesting enough, KuKu Klok has the ability of functioning after an alarm was set, even when the internet connection has dropped.

Online Clock

online clock

Online Clock is another popular and simple alternative, where those interested can configure an alarm pretty easily. Just by choosing the designated hour from the drop-down found below the central timer, an alarm will be activated. Once the timer equals the user-chosen alarm, the speakers will start beeping and you will be asked whether the alarm should be turned off, or not.

As for special features, this service allows visitors to change the background color of the screen, choose a font size for the always-running timer and also, to pick a tune for the notification. Using the upper-left hand menu, the audio can be changed depending on your mood. Moreover, the website allows users to set count-down timers and even more.


meta clock

Meta Clock is a beautiful looking online alarm service which comes with an easy-to-set alarm menu and a handful of nice options. Amongst them, the service allows users to choose a notification tune from a pre-defined list (which by the way, is of pretty good taste) or to manually upload their own. Moreover, you have the option of posting something on Facebook, when the alarm rings.

As a nice addition, the service has the option to a show a countdown widget on a window title or to enable desktop notifications for the alarm.

Online Video Clock

Online Video clock

This service adds a twist to the whole wake-up system, by choosing to remember users of important stuff through the use of online videos. For instance, one can set up a regular timer and when the countdown is finished, a pre-defined YouTube video (or one manually picked) can pop-up and start playing.

Their online selection is pretty sweet, the service is easy to use and it’s a nice twist for the whole system. Moreover, webmasters are working on a simpler alternative, which eliminates a couple of elements from the interface.

sleep fm

Pretty much like any alarm alternative presented above, delivers a nice and easy to use solution, which can set up an online alarm in a couple of steps. Beyond the usual settings, can also set up a back-up solution just in case the internet goes down and, instead of using regular audio tunes, users can wake up to a sexy woman voice reading the current time, their flight status or to a full weather report. These last two options need a bit of configuration forehand, but nothing too complicated.

A funny side can also be spotted in, when users can choose to wake up with a Vuvuzela tune (pretty gentle, I know) or to a funky rooster (not Justin Bieber, she’s busy).



Alarm Tube gives an “assistant” twist to the whole wake-up process, by implementing a smarter way of setting up alarms, instead of the regular time-input method. For instance, in the above screenshot, we’ve set an alarm due in 6 hours and 6 minutes, simply by using common-language phrases. The service can also recognize phrases such as “tomorrow at 6pm” or, a simpler, direct hour.

Notifications will be done through a YouTube video of your choice.

Anvoy Alarm Clock


Anvoy is a Flash-based notification service, which displays a simple analog clock and three options of audio notification (beeping, slow or with a fast finish). The interesting part about this service, although it does not have an offline back-up method and it works only if the browser has a Flash component, is the ability to snooze the alarm.

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