Karaoke has been around for quite some time now, and even if by today’s standards, it is somewhat overrated, it is still loved by many and we think it will be around for quite some time. There are karaoke fans of all ages everywhere in the world, and to be honest, a good party is not complete without a few fellas doing karaoke.

Music fans love to do karaoke, and some don’t have to be at a party to do it, and they see it as more of a hobby or a fun way to pass the time. No matter the reason, karaoke is fun, and for those who enjoy it, but don’t have any karaoke software or apps, they can get their kicks on the Internet, using specialized websites for online karaoke.

How to find a good Karaoke website?

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Karaoke websites are different from other music websites in the sense that they provide instrumental versions of songs with lyrics that show you the tempo of the song. Also, some websites allow users to record themselves as they sing and compare them with their friends. This kind of websites also have a social element, as they bring together people that share a passion for karaoke.

If you are looking for a good karaoke website, then there are a few things to consider. First of all, the website should offer a wide variety of songs, so you can find the songs that you are interested in. One other aspect, is that the songs should be full versions, and not just bits and pieces of the songs. Also, these karaoke websites should provide instrumental versions of the songs, and not the vocal versions.

The lyrics should be highlighted as you have to sing them, this will help you keep the tempo of the song and not stray off course. The lyrics themselves should be easily readable, so your focus is on singing as good as you can and not on trying to understand what the words are.

There are a few pretty good karaoke websites available, and today, we’ll be taking a look at them, so for your next party, you can sing your favorite songs and feel like a star with your friends. Be also on the lookout for karaoke websites that require you to pay a subscription fee, as there are some that offer their services for free (or at least some songs).

Some of the best websites for playing karaoke online

You should know from the start that there isn’t a website that will have all the songs you might think of in karaoke versions, so if you are having a hard time tracking down a specific song, you might want to look at multiple websites. Even though the basic concept is the same, each website has its own take on karaoke and the layout of the lyrics, so you might want to experiment a bit with each of them before finding the perfect one.

1. Karaoke Party


Karaoke Party is probably one of the best karaoke websites you’ll encounter. It features one of the best interfaces of all and it is very simple to use. It houses a huge collection of songs and the way the lyrics and tempo are shown is very stylish and easy to follow. The vast majority of the songs are free, and users can also buy points for unlocking other website features.

Karaoke Party allows users to create accounts and record themselves sing, and compare ratings with their friends. Overall, the quality of Karaoke Party is far superior to most other karaoke websites, therefore, we think it is the number one karaoke website that users can try.

2. Sing Snap


If you’re not too picky on how the website looks, then Sing Snap is a pretty good way to enjoy a good karaoke night. The website offers some free songs and the player does not support a full screen view. The graphics of the lyrics are pretty choppy, but this is not a disadvantage, as they are very easy to read.

The sound quality of the sounds is very good, and for premium users, there are other features available, such as pitch and more songs. Despite the lower quality graphics that Sing Snap has, it is still a great karaoke website and a very useful tool for karaoke fans.

3. Red Karaoke


Red Karaoke is a website that provides its users with a simple user interface and a quality player. The lyrics are easy to read but the way in which they are highlighted is not as good as on other karaoke websites. The list of free songs is not that big, but nevertheless, for those who want to pay the subscription fee, Red karaoke is great service.

The video player offers full screen view and the different options for font size and tempo. Overall, Red Karaoke has a premium look and with the benefit of offering  different features for playback,  we think that Red Karaoke is a good service that you might consider if you are looking for a karaoke website.

4. YouTube


When all other services fail, look for your songs on YouTube and you will surprised to know that many users create karaoke songs and upload them for other fans to use. YouTube is free to use and if you didn’t find the songs you are looking for on the other websites, chances are you will find them on YouTube.

Other Karaoke Websites

If by any chance you don’t like the the websites presented before, these two might be to your liking, give them a try and you might be pleased with them: The Karaoke Channel and Karafun.

Let’s face it, when we listen to our favorite tracks at home, we sing along with the artists, and what karaoke does is it lets us feel like the artists who have created the songs. Karaoke will always remain fun, and even if this awesome pass time activity is gradually losing interest, we don’t think it will completely disappear as long as there are people that are not afraid to make themselves heard.

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