Be a Singer! Top 14 Android, iOS Karaoke Apps

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Here, at Technically Personal, we love having a great time, be it in a team, with others or all by yourself. Karaoke programs can be a very entertaining activity to perform with your friends; or, if you’re the shiny type, you can slowly build your talent by singing in front of your PC or Mac. If you think that karaoke software are outdated, then why not try out some smartphone apps?

The world is slowly going mobile these days; the emerging tablets market is the most significant proof to that. That’s why we thought that singing with your computer may not be enough and it surely isn’t. These days, you can go out in the park and have fun on the grass, scaring little kids with your beautiful voice. Presenting 14 Android and iOS karaoke apps for loud weekends:

Android Karaoke Apps

1. Red Karaoke

red karaoke

Red Karaoke is a really intuitive Android app that gives players a massive collection of songs at their fingertips (over 45, 000 and still growing). A cool feature of this app is that it allows users to record and upload their karaoke sessions and share them with friends. No, it’s not a communist karaoke application.

2. My Karaoke

my karaoke

This Android app lets you take your tunes everywhere and start jamming with your friends. A great way to enjoy your Android smartphone and to check out an impressive song collection. This is an application that seems to be very portable and the right one to use in an open environment, like a park.

3. Android Karaoke

android karaoke

Maybe the best karaoke app out there for your Android phone and the name couldn’t have said it better. Make your pick from its internet collection of karaoke songs and enjoy features like: search karaoke songs on Internet, save karaoke songs to SD card, play karaoke songs offline.

4. Karaoke Anywhere

karaoke anywhere

Take your Android for a spin, with Karaoke Anywhere! This software comes with 50 free karaoke songs pre-installed and, if you have a subscription, you can benefit from thousands of songs and join the Karaoke Anywhere community, where you can battle it out with your friends and earn awards.

5. Karaoke-A-GoGo

karaoke a go go

Karaoke-A-GoGo lets users play their own mp3 collection in this karaoke player. The app plays high quality songs and its configured to work on tablets, so you can stream it to your TV and keep the party going. Judging by that cute anime girl, I wonder if the app is made in Japan.

6. SingSong Karaoke

sing song

This app comes with 10 karaoke songs pre-installed and it also has the possibility to scan your device and play an additional 300 songs. The app also gives you a score as you sing, so it’s a great way to get competitive with your friends. This software is also available on Windows and Mac, so you can enjoy it from home as well as on your phone.

7. Karaoke Memories

karaoke memories

Karaoke Memories is a karaoke player that allows you to customize your songs with your own pictures. A perfect way to make a gift or to dedicate a song to your loved ones. It has lots of customizing features so you can make each song unique. What background image will you pick for a song like “Highway to hell“?

iOS Karaoke Apps

1. iKaraoke


iKaraoke is another app, available to iPhone users that allows them to transform their iPhone into a portable karaoke machine. This app allows you to load your own songs and feel like a star everywhere you want. Don’t start singing in the middle of the crowd, though you might be in the Christmas spirit right now.

2. The KARAOKE Channel Mobile

karaoke channel mobile

This app gives users 50 free songs, which are refreshed every month and with a monthly subscription, you can have access to over 8000 songs and videos, in high quality. You have the possibility to share your favorite songs with other friends in your Karaoke community, all of this makes for some cool jamming sessions.

3. Karaoke Now! 2.0

karaoke now

Karaoke Now! 2 is an awesome app that allows you to import or download songs and then play them in karaoke format. It’s lots of fun and the possibility to run it on the iPad and stream it on your TV give it an advantage over the other apps in this category. It’s mobile + TV, let’s hope that on a hands-free TV, maybe from Apple, the karaoke experience will be awesome!

4. Glee Karaoke


This app is rather new on the karaoke market, but it looks like it will reach many people, already being the number 1 most downloaded karaoke app for iOS in many countries. The key features of this app are pitch correction, optional harmonies and a little reverb, so you’ll always sound great.

5. Christmas Carols Karaoke

christmas carols karaoke 2

Keeping with the spirit of Christmas, this karaoke app for iPhone lets you sing the best carols this season. It offers 15 carols for you to enjoy, and it promises to bring more in the future. So prepare you iPhone for Christmas Eve, because you have a lot of carolling to do.

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6. Sunfly Karaoke On Demand

sunfly karaoke on demand

One of the best karaoke apps for iPhone out there! This little software has an impressive collection of karaoke songs for its users to enjoy, it’s real easy to use and it works wonderful. Although it requires a permanent internet connection, you should definitely give it a try.

7. StarMaker Karaoke


This free app has over 500 songs ready for you and it records your voice in real time. You can buy songs, sing, record and share them with your friends via Facebook and Twitter. A great app which gives lots of laughs and lots of fun!

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