While text messages are very useful most of the time, sometimes you don’t have the time to write a message, and it is much more convenient to call someone. However, if they can’t be reached or if they are not around the phone, you next best choice is to leave a voicemail.

Voicemail is a simple and very useful tool to have, but it also costs extra. Luckily, app developers have taken advantage of the popularity of smartphones and created voicemail apps that users can download and try. Some of them are not free and require users to pay a fee or a subscription, but there are those that offer this service for free.

How do free voicemail apps work?

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The concept is the same as with free voice call apps or messaging apps. They allow users to send voicemails via the Internet, using VoIP to send and receive voicemails. Keep in mind that these apps will use your data plan/Wi-Fi connection and they tend to consume your traffic quite easily. Nevertheless, if you have wireless Internet home and you want to save some money, then these free voicemail apps will be of great assistance.

In the past, there were many free voicemail apps that users could download. However, today, that number has decreased, as more and more of these services now require users to pay monthly subscriptions. Others have been taken over by bigger companies and so, the users are left scratching their heads as to which free voicemail app they can use. We’ll try to shed some light on the matter and help you find a good voicemail service that will help you communicate with your friends.

Free cross platform voicemail apps

If you own more than one device or if in your family are multiple platform devices, then these apps will be perfect. They offer support for more mobile operating systems and they can be used with pretty much any mobile device that connects to the Internet.


Pinger is a worldwide service that allows anyone to call, text or send voicemails. It’s simple interface and great integration with mobile operating systems makes it a great way to keep in touch with friends over the Internet. Furthermore, thanks to the fact that it works over the Internet, it is carrier free, but it will require users to have a permanent Internet connection and a sturdy data plan.

Available for Android and iOS

Fusion Voicemailfree-voice-mail-apps-android-iphone-blackberry-windows-phone-nokia-symbian-bada (2)

Although the user interface of Fusion Voicemail is not as easy on the eye as the other services’, what Fusion Voicemail loses for design, it makes up for it in functionality.

The service requires users to create a web account (be careful, as there are both free and paid versions) and then download the app for their mobile device. The application works with any carrier and it covers most of the used operating systems.

Available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone

YouMail Visual Voicemail

YouMail Visual Voicemail is one of the best known free voicemail services in the world. Its thousands of users are very pleased with the services that it offers and that number is growing as its services are free to use. The app’s attractive user interface and ease of use are very important factors, as users don’t want to fiddle with complex menus and difficult setups. You can also use YouMail to block annoying incoming calls.

Available for Android and iOS

Libon – free calls & Voicemail

Libon is very similar to YouMail, in the sense that it has a very attractive user interface, and a wide user range. Initially, the app was available for iOS users, and thanks to the success that it received, it was developed for the Android platform. One of its most sought after features is the transcript option that listens to the voicemail and sends you a copy in text format via email. Other apps also offer this feature, but it is available mostly for English messages.

Available for Android and iOS

HulloMail Free SmartVoicemail

Hullomail is a very popular voicemail service that has been featured in many publications and has received a lot of positive feedback. Hullomail not just allows you to listen to your voicemails, but also provides you with an option to share a voicemail or reply to it. Also, it takes your voicemail into the Cloud, allowing you to manage messages from your computer or other devices.

Available for Android, iOS and Blackberry

Free Voicemail Apps for Android

These dedicated Android apps have been used by many and most users are very pleased with the results. If you are having trouble with the cross-platform apps, then these might be what you are looking for.

Free Voicemail Apps for iOS

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iPhone users can send and receive, or manage voicemails with these dedicated iOS apps. Although many users opt for the more well known services that are featured in the cross-platform free voicemail apps, some of them might find these apps better.

If you are looking for free voicemail apps, then these might be of assistance. Although, keep a watchful eye out for hidden charges that might apply. Some apps might be free, but they will later ask you to pay a monthly subscription, or they offer limited features, but if you want to send voicemails for free, you have to be prepared to make some compromises. Also, if you are using a free voicemail app that wasn’t featured here, please leave us a comment and we’ll be sure to check it out.

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