Have you ever left your apartment and forgot your keys inside? This scenario happened to hundreds of people each day, and if they don’t have a spare key at disposal, they lock themselves out of their apartments. Luckily, a service called KeyMe has a solution for this problem: keeping a spare key in the cloud.

The service offers users the possibility to scan their keys and have them stored in the cloud, so if it so happens that they lose or forget their keys inside, they will be able to print a new copy quickly and avoid calling a locksmith to break the locks on their doors.

How does KeyMe work


KeyMe has partnered up with 7-Eleven to introduce their key scanner and printer kiosk in different location across Manhattan. While the service is currently limited to a few kiosks, the company feels very confident and is trying to implement the service all across the US.

Users who want to scan their keys at the KeyMe kiosk will be able to do so for free. The kiosk will scan the key and create a digital model keyme-kiosk-key-duplicate-scanthat will be stored in the cloud for later use. The user can print an extra key at any time for the price of $19.99, which is more than what it costs at a key copying store, but unlike those stores, it will not require a physical key to make the copy, as it will use the digital scan.

Access to the digital scan of the key can only be granted to the owner, as it is not stored within the device itself and to the scan is assigned a fingerprint scan. So, only the user will be able to get a copy of his key by scanning his fingerprints at the KeyMe kiosk.

This also addresses the security issues involved. By not having any information stored in the kiosk, there is no way anyone can gain access to the database. Also, the service does not require an address or name of the user, but only an email address.

Comparing this system to the alternative of having a locksmith break your lock and replace it, you can see that the price is far better. As mentioned, the KeyMe kiosk will only charge $19.99 for a new key, whilst a locksmith costs around $150. Also, the KeyMe kiosk allows users to make a duplicate of their key at the time of the scan for $3.50 The process of duplicating your key will take only 30 seconds.

Almost any key can be scanned with this service, exception being the keys that are engraved with the warning “Do Not Duplicate”. The new printed key can come in various decorative forms, including the classic style or the KeyMe’s special bottle opener key.

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