Drinking is a bad habit which can easily turn into a destroying disease. In America, there are over 18 million people that have problems with alcohol use disorder. The temptation is all around and unfortunately, there is no  medicine, like a pill or something, that can discharge people of this harmful habit.

Along with technology, different applications were created to motivate users and offer them a relaxing state of mind in their attempt to quit drinking. Some of these apps were gathered together in the next article so follow the next lines to discover five of the best software solutions of this kind available on the market.

Quit Drinking with these 5 apps


The main problem that people face when they are trying to quit their habit is how to react when other people are drinking alcohol near them. Temptation is all around and without serious motivation and ambition, the attempt usually turns into failure. Alcohol is very addictive and difficult to quit and it’s not a problem that only affects the person in question, but also his family and friends.

Although the following applications were not evaluated by doctors or specialists, they may be handy for some users who suffer from alcohol use disorder and for which the Twelve Steps program or Alcoholics Anonymous didn’t work.

Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson

stop drinking with andrew johnson

Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson is an application that was created to help people to pass their alcohol cravings. Andrew Johnson is a worldwide known hypnotist and stress management specialist that puts into this application its inspiring and motivational words.

This powerful and relaxing application can offer the extra support that is needed for users to keep positive thoughts. It’s able to help users either to stop drinking or to regain control of their life. This is the place where one can find his inspiration and resources to fulfill his goals in order to have a better and happier life with his family.

In addition, the application has extremely good reviews from people that were skeptics about its capabilities at first. The application can be downloaded for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) at a price of $2.99.

Biblical Encouragement – Alcohol Addiction

biblical encouragement - alcohol addiction

Biblical Encouragement – Alcohol Addiction is an application that offers Bible support for people who have problems with alcohol. This application contains verses from the Bible in order to motivate people addicted to drinking. However, it may not suit all users considering that not many of them are religious people.

Basically, it’s an easy-to-use application which has the verses distributed in categories depending on the different moods of the user. If he is tempted, ready to give up, anxious, doubtful or frustrated, he has to choose from a list with 35+ emotions and symptoms the one that is specific to his current state of mind. Furthermore, besides the Bible verses, the application offers an encouraging commentary on each verse.

Also, this application has a big database which includes ten unique verses on each category, so in total there are over 350 motivating proverbs from the Bible. They can be shared over Facebook, e-mail or SMS where friends and colleagues can offer aextra support.

The application was very well embraced by users and it’s available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch from iTunes for only $0.99.

Twenty-Four Hours a Day

twenty-four hours a day

Twenty-Four Hours a Day is a mobile application made after the book with the same name that was sold in over 10 million copies. Developers made this application so that people use it when they most need an extra motivation. It has special enhancements, such as videos and text from the authors that are meant to strengthen users’ faith.

The mobile application features all of the prayers and thoughts presented in the book, and in addition, it includes the Twelve Steps guide. Thanks to its portability, now users can practice all of the teachings everywhere.

Practically, this application works like this: from the menu users can press the “Today” button to read the message that corresponds to that exact day of the year or they can shake their smartphones to receive a random inspirational message.

The application represents a big support for people with alcohol use disorder and it’s available on both, Android and iOS, devices at prices of $3.99 from Google Play Store and $4.99 from iTunes.

AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker


AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker is an application that tracks the consumption of alcoholic drinks and based on this, it calculates the blood alcohol content (BAC). It’s very useful when somebody is trying to quit drinking, because it can set a limit of alcohol per day in which he has to situate. In addition, it can even track the amount of money that was saved by not drinking.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer motivational pictures, texts or videos for support, but it’s a good way to get started and drink less every day. It helps users to change their drinking habits by showing a graphic where the BAC is plotted. On the chart they can see the BAC’s development and if it’s over or under the legal driving limit.

This application permits to show and export extended statistics about the drinking behavior and alcohol consumption in daily, weekly and monthly charts. It also allows setting a drinking goal, such as 15 beers a week, so that at the end of the day users can check if they overpassed their goal or not.

Furthermore, AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker offers a nice widget which shows the current BAC situation on the background of your device. The application is only available for Android users and can be downloaded as a free version or bought as an ad free version for $2.99.

Control Alcohol

control alcohol

Control Alcohol is an application created by a well-known hypnotherapist, Darren Marks, which is one of the leading specialists from UK. This app is designed to help people with alcohol use disorder to realize their limits and to know when it’s time to stop drinking. It is suitable not only for people who want to reduce the alcohol consumption, but also for people who want to quit drinking completely in a short or long term.

The app contains audio files used in hypnosis sessions that help the user to enter in a deep meditation state. They say that the only things users need to do are to relax completely, release their limiting beliefs and they will have a total relaxation in only 10 minutes. When listening the audios users can also choose from a list of beautiful animations to run with the hypnotic sessions.

Another nice thing about the application is that it contains video interviews with Darren Marks in order to help users to cross over their cravings and to induce them a more relaxing state. Moreover, the author offers a couple advices so that people improve their control towards drinking.

The application costs $4.99 and it’s available on all major mobile operating systems: Android, iOS, BlackBerryWindows Phone and Nokia’s Ovi.

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