Depression and anxiety are very common problems that many of us have nowadays. These are brought on by the stressful lifestyle that we have. Many don’t sleep enough, or have poor diets and all of these factors contribute to the downfall of our mental health. Of course, these conditions can be managed and treated with professional help.

While we don’t encourage self medicating, and we strongly suggest that you see a specialist if you are dealing with these conditions, we can recommend some “technically-inclined” ways of dealing with these problems. Of course, we are talking about some mobile apps that people suffering from depression or anxiety can try out.

Try out these apps if you are dealing with depression

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While apps can’t substitute a trained specialist, they can help those in need to monitor their condition, seek information or for calming purposes in high-stress scenarios.

For both Android and iOS users, there are a lot of apps that can help with depression, so, depending on what you need, you might find a few in this lineup that will help you.

  • Sad Scale (iOS / $0.99) – This app allows users to take a 20 question test that shows how their mood is. It displays the results in a graph which can be shared with a physician, so he can get a better understanding of the patient’s state of mind.
  • eCBT Mood (iOS / $0.99) – Using cognitive behavioral therapy, this app can help those who are feeling depressed or unhappy to better their mood and feel happier. It allows the user to make daily and weekly mood assessments and show them to their therapist later on.
  • WhatsMyM3 (Android, iOS / Free) – WhatsMyM3 is a free app that can be used by anyone who wants to know how their mental health is. It features a 27 question test that will give you a score at the end. This tool is great for picking up on future mental problems, as well as discover anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or PTSD early on.
  • Live Happy (iOS / $0.99) – If you feel down, then an app like Live Happy is what you need. It features a host of daily activities that are said to bring your spirits up and make you feel happier. You are required to use the app for a period of time, and you will feel more fulfilled and satisfied with your life.
  • NIH Depression Information (Android / Free) – Knowing what depression is, how it manifests and what are the causes and treatments is vital information, so having an app that gives you information directly from the U.S. National Institutes of Health is great to have on your mobile device.
  • Positive Thinking (Android / Free) – Sometimes the little things in life have the biggest influence on people. This app will give users happy and positive quotes every time they look at their smartphones, which will make them to feel better.
  • Smiling Mind (iOS / Free) – Especially designed for teenagers, this app can help almost everyone to meditate and get a sense of how their mood is. The service has been designed by a team of psychologists and along with the web service, it aims to give young people a joyful life.
  • Sleep Cycle alarm clock (iOS / $0.99) – Sleep is an important factor in having a good and healthy life. This intelligent alarm clock will help everyone wake up gradually and fresh each morning. And having a good night sleep will definitely help you to have a happy day.
  • Depression CBT Self-Help Guide (Android / Free) – This app will definitely help those who are depressed by allowing them to take tests, listen to relaxing music or do research on depression, anxiety and many others mental illnesses.

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  • Moody Me – Mood Diary and Tracker (iOS / Free) – Because each of us have different things that make us happy, Moody Me allows users to customize their app by adding pictures of what makes them happy, so they can play a slideshow when they feel down. Also, the app offers many other features to keep the user’s spirits up.
  • Depression Check (iOS / Free) – If you want to know how you feel at all times, then this app might help you find the answer. If provides users with a simple checklist test that will give them a personalized answer. Also, it creates reports that can later be shared with a therapist.
  • Pain & Depression Relief (iOS / $0.99 and Android / $2.00) – This app relies on sound to help users sleep better and have a better life. It features long relaxation tracks, nature sounds and other tracks that are designed to work with your brainwaves and allow healthy sleeping.
  • STAT Depression Screening PHQ-9 (iOS / Free) – This app will allow users to quickly review the 9-item depression scale (PHQ-9) and therefore see if they feel depressed. Also, the app can used to monitor treatment for those that are seeing a psychologist.
  • Psych Drugs (iOS / Free) – If you’re undergoing treatment for depression or other related illnesses, then you might be interested in what drugs you are taking. This app will allow you to research any treatment you are taking and see information on what each pill does.
  • Depression Inventory (Android / Free) – Also in the line of depression tests, we have this app that allows users to take an 18 question test that has the purpose to make out how the user is feeling. Of course, it does not substitute a doctor, but if you’re feeling down, you can try it and see exactly where you are.

As mentioned before, these apps are not a substitute for a psychologist. They are meant to be used as secondary tools for providing information and helping you throughout the day. If you think you might have a problem with depression or anxiety, seek medical help at once. Also, keep in mind that these apps will not help everyone, as every person is different and they react differently to certain things.

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