Most of us use our tablets for a limited number of tasks like browsing the web, checking emails, reading books, playing games, and watching movies. Yes, that’s pretty much about it. Because the majority of android apps don’t really feel homespun on tabs, it makes sense if people don’t find it as convenient to spin many apps on it.

That said, there are still sundry things your tablet could do that you are not aware of. Below we have listed some of the most useful ones that, once learned, can help you at many turns of life.

Play Retro Games

dosbox on android tablet

In Windows, we have an app named DOSbox which enables us to run age-old programs. It’s a great app if you are a fan of old DOS games or want to simulate 16-bit TV video games on your computer. Not long ago, the app arrived on the mobile ecosystem as well.

The Android version also lets you emulate mouse, keyboard, joystick and many other things to make the experience seem more realistic. Alternatively, you can also use DOSBox for Android, which basically does the same task.

Remotely access your PC

teamviewer on android tab

TeamViewer, the desktop sharing utility that lets you remotely access others computer is also available for Android, iOS and Windows 8 (RT). The tool, however, is not as powerful as its PC counterpart but still contains many amazing features.

Use your tablet as a second monitor

using tab as second screen

If you love multitasking, then instead of keeping on switching between apps, you could use an extra screen to keep an eye on everything. For that, you are required to install any of the following software. Air Display works with both Android and iOS, the app also lets you do everything wirelessly. Alternatively, you can also use REDFLY ScreenSlider and Splashtop XDisplay.

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Make Free Calls


Things are pretty fluky for iOS users as they have FaceTime which lets them talk to other iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch users for free. But unfortunately (and obviously), it isn’t available for Android and Windows 8/RT users. The alternative and even better solution for them is to use the Skype app. The cross-platform app lets you make free calls to other Skype users. Another alternative for Android users is Hangouts, where you can invite friends to join and interact. Available for both Android and iOS, ooVoo lets you talk to up to 12 friends at the same time.

Stream live TV

tvcatchup preview

Many apps can make it possible for you to watch TV on your tablet, but did you know that you could also stream live TV on it? TVCatchup, an Android, iPad, and Windows 8 OS app, allows you to stream live TV from many popular TV channels. Alternatively, you can also use US TV & Radio App which does the same task for free.

Safeguard your home

guard your home

If you are babysitting a kid or have to oversee your house or office, there are many apps that can help you with this. If you have a webcam installed in your home, then EyeSpyFX can aid you in watching its live feed on your tab. Other than that, you can also use tinyCam Monitor Free for Android and AtHome Camera which is available for both Android and iOS.

Access your files from anywhere

Many flagship devices come with no support for external memory cards. There are many ways you could pound with it and even access the storage of other devices. Many hard drive manufacturers, including Western Digital, have apps enabling you to access your WD hard drive data from your tablet. This way, you can stream movies from your hard drive, view pictures, and even save your documents on it.

Print wirelessly


If you have ended up reading a very cool piece on your Chrome browser or finished writing a document on your tablet and want a hard copy of it, you don’t necessarily need to find a computer to do that. Google Cloud Print lets you take print out of your documents even if you are physically kilometers away from the device. Though the service isn’t available for iPad users yet, an alternative is. You can use PrintCentral Pro.

Use it as a Kindle


If you are jealous of people who own a Kindle device and hence have access to millions of books, you are really missing something. You don’t actually need a Kindle device to use their services, go to your app store and look for the Kindle app, it’s free, and you can use it on multiple devices including your computer. The other decent thing about it is that the app syncs with all your devices and will even remember the bookmarks and notes you make. This also means any title that you buy on your Android tablet can be read on your Apple device as well.

Use your tablet to get directions

sat nav

Many vehicles come with inbuilt GPS navigation services that guide their users with path and weather and other details. If your car doesn’t come with such a cool gadget, you can always use your Android and iPad to avail of it. M8 Free Sat Nav is available for both Android and iOS. The app provides a path route in great detail, and also it keeps you updated with traffic information. Depending on your geographic location, you should be able to find a local app for more in-depth details of your nearby places. And not to forget the Google Maps itself.

Other Noteworthy mentions

Our list, unfortunately, ends here, but the scope of what else you could do with your tablet is just endless. Using this app, you can control your TV, DVD Player, and almost every electronic device that comes with a remote. While this app monitors your heartbeat rate, this will help you track the number of miles you have ran. Health-conscious? This app will teach you exercises for different parts of your body. If you are a code junkie, you may want to try Diet Coda, an app that teaches you web codes, or textastic, a minimalistic code editor.

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