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Android users have always had a frustration with their devices when it comes to tracking the phones in case they are lost or stolen. And that frustration has been caused by the fact that iPhone users always knew they could rely on the Find My iPhone option. Google had recently announced that they will bring the Android Device Manager service to Android devices running at least the OS version 2.2.

And now we’re seeing reports that the service has went live. You can now go to the Android Device Manager web page from your device or computer (if Google Play is available in your country and if you have an active Android device) and start using the service. If your Android device gets lost or stolen, be it a smartphone or tablet, you can then ring the device or wipe its contents completely.

Google’s Android Device Manager is now available

According to The Verge, the location of the device is accurate to within 24 meters (roughly 78 feet) which is quite impressive. We are also looking for Google to add in the future the option to send a message to your missing device. That way, if it’s in good hands, you will get it back easier.

If you’ve been using some third-party apps to find your lost Android tablet or smartphone, then it’s about time to ditch, if you have more confidence in Google’s proprietary solution. Also, you don’t need to install a dedicated app on your device, thus keeping your Android device cleaner. However, some third-party apps might still have an advantage over Google’s Android Device Manager service, as they come with the ability to take a picture using the device’s camera, thus being able to identify a potential thief. Google is yet to bring that feature to its service.

To enable the Android Device Manager, you need to go to Google Settings -> Security, and you will find the Android Device Manager option under Device Administrators. After enabling, you will be able to use the remote wipe function. The tracking of your location is most likely enabled, as you probably have previously agreed to give access location to Google. If not, then go to Settings, then to Location, from there select Access Location and enable it.

At the time of writing this post, many users were reporting issues with getting their active devices listed on Android Device Manager. We shall update the piece as and when we have more information to share.

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