Howdy, Androiders from all over the world! Another week has ended on the fourth of August and we’re with yet another juicy roundup of some of the best new Android applications that have appeared on the Play Store. Among the most important news for Android users is definitely the fact that Google is working on the Android Device Manager app (to be released later this month) that will alow erase all the data on your device if it can’t be recovered or has been stolen. If you lost it, you will be able to ring your phone at maximum volume to find it.

If you are looking for our list of best iPhone/iPad apps for the past week, find it here. In our current list we will feature some apps for Google products, Office Mobile for Android, enough games to keep you going for the next week and various other ingenious apps with purposes ranging from making you learn faster a new language to decorating your home. As always, the order of the apps is purely random.

Google AdSense (Free)

google adsense android app

The number of news websites is increasing day by day and website owners are also looking to monetize their traffic. If you’re one of them, then you probably know what AdSense is. Google has now launched the Android app for AdSense user. Now, you can log in from your smartphone or tablet to see just have much your earnings were for the previous day.

Rymdkapsel ($3.99)

With so many reviews from dedicated online outlets, it was our sacred Android duty to include Rymdkapsel in our list. Rymdkapsel is a real-time strategy game where your mission is to build a space station using tetromino-shaped blocks that are actually rooms.

The minions are the workers that help you expand your station and prepare for the imminent attack. It’s kind of weird to explain a game that seems so basic, so why not have a look at the video?

Office Mobile (Office 365 subscription)

microsoft office mobile android

After launching the Office Mobile app for iPhone (no iPad version) users, Microsoft has recently announced an Android version, as well. However, the “trick” remained the same – you will need an Office 365 subscription. For those who have it, you can use Office Mobile for Android to access, view, and edit Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint files.

Word Bucket (Free)

word bucket android app

Learning a new language can be tough, and that’s why many of us choose to have language-learning Android apps installed on their devices. Word Bucket helps you find and learn new words in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Russian, and English. Word Bucket now allows you to find new words and save them in your “bucket” without having to write them down like you used to.

Transit App (Free)

transit app android

Not everybody has a car, but almost everybody has a smartphone, and most likely, all of us have to move from place to place. The Transit app lets you plan your commute with public transportation means by showing departure times for all the public transit routes near you. Just pick where you want to go, and Transit will show you on the map what you need to take to get there.

Homestyler (Free)

homestyler android app

Suppose you think home improvement and interior design apps are really useful, then you need to have a look at Homestyler, as well. The app comes with the Autodesk Homestyler “engine” that you can use by snapping a picture of a room and then transforming it into a 3D home design playground. Use 3D models of real furniture, and hanging light fixtures, use different colors and texture combinations and add rugs, paintings, mirrors, and more to your room to see how it could look once finished.

Flashify (Free, root required)

Advanced Android users probably know what “flashing an image” means, and this app is dedicated to them. To make it work, you need to have your Android device rooted. Using it you can flash boot images, recovery images, and zip files. It also comes with a wider range of features, such as wipe cache, Dalvik, and data. backup/restore kernel and recovery using Sdcard or cloud, automatic cloud synchronization and flash multiple files from anywhere.

Network Monitor Mini (Free)

Our Android smartphones are some small computers, and that’s why we are always looking for apps that make them behave like one. Network Monitor Mini lets you know the current internet bandwidth used for upload and download as well as the speed. If you want, you can even record the WiFi/3G/4G network speed information,

Flow for Reddit (Free)

flow for reddit best android app

Reddit is one of the most visited websites in the world, and having personally met mister Ohanian, one of the co-founders, I started appreciating even more the concept. Flow for Reddit is not the official Reddit app, but it is indeed really useful for Reddit fans that are looking for another good Reddit app. It comes with such special features as Card UI, Youtube support, Image Viewer, Easy voting, Search, Fast, user-friendly UI, Optimal content display, multireddit support, and customizable themes and colors.

The Walking Dead: Assault ($2.99)

Zombies are everywhere: in movies, in games, and now on your smartphones and tablets! The Walking Dead: Assault is one of the tops paid Android apps currently in the Play Store. The action in the game is based on Robert Kirkman’s award-winning “The Walking Dead” work. Exceptional sound and visual FX are bound to impress you while playing it.

Chromecast (Free)

Google has recently launched Chromecast,  a USB thumb drive that, once plugged in, would let you access web content and TV shows. So, if you have an Android device and Chromecast, then you also need to get the Android app. The Chromecast Android app will let you control your streaming device with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

XPrivacy (Free)

Privacy, privacy, privacy – so much talk about this lately that I sometimes have the feeling it has lost its true meaning. Developed by a veteran user from the XDA-Developers forums, XPrivacy wants to be the ultimate Android privacy manager. The app can prevent newly installed or even old apps from leaking privacy-sensitive data, and it can restrict the categories (like contacts or location) it can access.

Fuelzee: cheap gas prices (Free)

We have previously compiled a list of the nine best Android applications you could use to find cheap gas prices (usually working for the United States and Canada). Fuelzee is another app with the same purpose. It will deliver cheap gas stations based on your location (US for now) and will even reward you at the same time with points that you could use at gas stations or at local businesses.

Awoken: lucid dreaming tool (Free)

Not many people know what lucid dreaming is, even if they have heard about it. To put it in plain English, lucid dreaming is the ability to know that you are dreaming and to control your dreams. But doing that is pretty hard. Awoken is one Android tool that wants to help you achieve that. It comes with such features as reality checking, dream clues, and a dream journal.

Choplifter HD ($4.99)

The last item on our list is a paid Android game that currently still has a 5-star rating on the Play Store. You play as a rescue pilot, and your mission is to save people. Since you are a helicopter pilot, you will save them by taking them in your chopper. Captured military prisoners and survivors of viral outbreaks are waiting for your help as your bank, hover, touch down or even shake zombies off your chopper.

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