In the past few years, Facebook became more and more accessed and used by people from all over the places. Due to the fact that it is so loved by users, developers thought that it’s time to take advantage of its popularity in order to increase their incomes and implemented ads on every user’s personal page.

If you also are an annoyed Facebook user that considers that these ads are spoiling the entire social-networking experience, then it’s time to do something to make them disappear. That’s why we decided to help you and we made the following article in order to teach you how to get rid of these unwanted Facebook ads, without much trouble.

How to Remove Facebook Ads


Nowadays, you can find ads all over your Facebook page, like sponsored ads in the right sidebar, sponsored “Pages you may like”, log out ads, sponsored results, sponsored pages your friends like, promoted posts and even more. So, they are coming from all over the places and they are very aggressive, showing ads even in users’ news feed.

The solution to “delete” this particular and intrusive content from your page can be easily done with the help of different plugins or add-ons installed on your favorite browser, whether if it’s Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Internet Explorer.

Google Chrome


The Chrome Web Store has lots and lots of applications that can remove ads from every webpage, but because of the fact that we are talking about Facebook, the best solution seems to be the application called Facebook Adblock. The app is made by Adblock which is one of the best companies of its kind that updates its products very often.

So, follow the next steps to discover how to install this awesome plugin to your Chrome browser:

  1. First of all, go to Chrome Web Store (which can be found in the list that appears when you start a new tab) and search for Facebook Adblock. If you are not familiar with the store, you can download it using this direct link.
  2. After accessing the link, just press “Add to Chrome”.
  3. Now, a pop-up message will appear asking to confirm if you want to install the extension or not, where you have to click on the “Add” button.
  4. Wait until it’s automatically installed, go and refresh the Facebook page and enjoy an ad-free Facebook experience.

Also, thanks to Chrome’s popularity developers from all around the world created a lot of extensions and the store is full to the brim with them. So, you could also try the following extension, commercial ads blocker for Facebook, which can block ads from personal timeline and from the pop-ups when you select a friend’s photo. Other options you may have are AdBlock and Adblock Plus.

Mozilla Firefox


Mozilla Firefox is the first browser that really shattered the supremacy of Internet Explorer which is created by a non-profit global organization that puts the good of the public foremost. Because of the fact that everything is free, developers worked a lot on creating the best plugins on the market and now, Mozilla’s extension cabinet is full of choices for every user.

So, in order to tell users how to get rid of the ads from their Facebook profile we created this simple guide:

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox and go to the official add-ons page by clicking here.
  2. Search for the application called “AdBye – For Facebook” or click here for the direct link.
  3. After you managed to find it, click on the “Download” button and a pop-up message will appear.
  4. Wait some seconds and confirm by selecting “Install”.
  5. Now, wait until the automatically installation is done and restart your Firefox.
  6. Go to Facebook and enjoy your Facebook without the ads.

Other extensions you may try are: Ad blocker, Ad Killer, remove all Facebook ads and Updated Ad Blocker for Firefox 11+.

Thanks to the fact that Firefox is an open source program, users are able to block ads by installing scripts directly into the program. So, firstly you have to install an add-on for your browser called Greasemonkey, which permits users to customize their webpage. After doing this, you will only have to install the Facebook: Cleaner script, of which you can be totally sure that it does its job and that it isn’t a malware or something harmful for your computer.


opera logo

Opera is one of the best and most used browser from the market that was initially launched in 1994. The program has over 300 million users and recently changed its tracks to another approach using the Chrome’s WebKit engine (Opera Next). Also, it’s very simple for its users to block all the unwanted ads from Facebook and to do this, just follow the next simple steps:

  1. Open Opera and go to the add-ons store (if you don’t know how to, click here).
  2. Search for Facebook adless and click on the green button that says “+ Add to Opera”.
  3. A pop-up message will appear and click “Install”.
  4. Now, just go on to Facebook and use it like you did before, when the ads did not exist.

You may also take a look at Facebook Ad Blocker and Facebook Ads Blocker which can do the same job.



If you are a Mac user and you love your Safari, don’t be disappointed because you can block these ads too. Even with the strictness of Apple’s operating system users are able to do this, so just read the next steps and implement them into your Safari:

  1. After opening Safari, the first thing that has to be done is to permit extensions in your browser. To do this, go to “Preferences” and select “Advanced”.
  2. Here, just enable the “develop menu” and you’re done.
  3. Now, download and install FaceBlock and you will be able to enjoy a cleaner Facebook.

Internet Explorer

Before of the launch of Google’s browser, Chrome, Internet Explorer was the most used browser many years in a row. Nowadays it has managed to reach its tenth version and recently it was geared with the capability to block ads when browsing.

Adblock Plus is a pioneer in this kind of business and they waited so long until they launched an Internet Explorer version, but now it’s finally here. With this application users can get rid of pop-ups, YouTube and Facebook ads, ads that automatically play sound or animations, banners and many more. All users have to do is to download the Adblock Plus plugin and install it. It’s very important to open the downloaded package only from Internet Explorer when installing it.

Also, it’s important to know that if you find any ads or banners in the center, top or left sidebar of Facebook pages or which automatically play sounds and animations, they are most probably adware on your computer. To get rid of them, remove the newly installed add-ons or toolbars along with the plugins that promise extra browsing features, like Timeline themes and others.

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