These days we use our mobile phones for everything; they have become an important part of each person’s life. Either for personal use or for working purposes, the phone has become a binder in today’s society. Besides the classical calling features, it can do a lot of different things thanks to the Android and iOS operating systems’ flexibility.

Everybody knows how hard and exhausting it can be to draw some charts and graphs, but how about making them directly with your mobile device from anywhere? That’s right, developers have created special apps to simplify your life by cutting all the extra time that implied creating this drawing. So, we wrote the following article where we talk about the best apps available on the market that can help users create charts and graphs.

Apps to Make Graphs & Charts


If you are looking for a way to improve your papers from work or your study notes, a good way is to create a way to visualize the information and data. A better and simple way is represented by charts and graphs, which are very common when somebody creates a paper about anything.

The first thing that somebody has to do is to manipulate the data so that the final graph completely represents the initial information. That’s why it’s time to take a look at some mobile applications that can ease your job by doing everything in your place.



Numbers is a popular application created by Apple which lets users create spreadsheets with tables, charts, photos, and graphics using just their fingers. Enter the data, and the file will be created in just seconds, enjoying over 250 awesome functions and exploring information with sliders, steppers, and intelligent keyboards. Furthermore, the files can be printed using a wireless printer via AirPrint.

A big advantage of this application is that it’s compatible with a large number of spreadsheet formats, like Numbers ’09, Microsoft Excel, and CSV files, and that it can save the files as Numbers, EXCEL, or PDFs. Also, it’s iCloud integrated so that everything that is written it’s automatically synced over your other devices so that you can always start editing from your last point from another phone or tablet.

When it’s about editing and formatting data, the application is one of the best because it offers a great number of choices. It has intelligent tables and cells, it can turn all the information into beautiful and 2D or 3D stunning graphics and charts. Users can choose between bars, lines, areas, pies, and much more. With simple steps, one can change a chart’s title, number format, or labels, all of which will look great on your mobile device’ screen.

The application is available in multiple languages, including English, Chinese, Greek, German, Romanian and more, and can be downloaded for $9.99 from iTunes being compatible with iPhone and iPad devices.



Viz is a productivity application that quickly creates charts and graphs using mobile devices. It’s so simple to create a graphic with this app that all that you need to do is only to write in the labels and numbers. No more adding functions or making other complex stuff, this awesome and minimalist application takes all the work out of the creation process and makes it for you.

After the data is inputted, users have to choose the type of chart they want to use from five different choices: Bars, Pie, Cloud, Skyscrapers, Parliament, and from five different color schemes. When the chart is created, the application asks if you want to share it through your online social networks (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram), send it by email, or save it on your mobile’s storage as a JPEG.

The graphical user interface is very nice and clean, and easy to use, making everything simpler. In just minutes, users can understand how the app works and create beautiful and colorful graphs. Be aware that when you try to modify any saved projects, the app may crash, according to other users who have complained, but the app is in its first version, and surely with the next updates, developers will repair any existing bugs.

All in all, Viz is a simple and useful application that has a reasonable price of $1.99 that can be downloaded via iTunes from here.

3D Charts

3d charts

3D Charts is an application that creates exclusively good-looking charts in just seconds based on the information that you provided. After the chart is created, the application acts like a visualizer where users can verify the graphics and instantly share them through their favorite social networks.

The application is able to create stunning 2D or 3D charts in portrait or landscape aspect, which can be exported as high-quality PNGs with transparency (which are very useful in the graphic design filed). It has three main categories of charts: Percentage Charts (Pie, Doughnut, Funnel, Staggered Colum, etc.), Watermarked (Line, Cylinder, floating Column, Bubble, and more), and Radar / Polar (Line, Area, Rose).

This is an essential application when you want to have the best charts and graphics that can be made using a mobile phone. Before downloading and starting to use it, you should know that Adobe Air has to be installed in order to be able to run 3D Charts at its maximum parameters.

The application is only available for Android users and can be downloaded from Google Play Store for free.

Chart Maker

chart maker

Chart Maker is an especially designed application that helps users quickly create and visualize charts and graphics. It has the great capability of enlarging the charts so that they fit on a standard-sized A4 paper and at the same time, maintain the highest quality. The app is very powerful in creating a large number of charts and graphics directly from your mobile device using different sets of data.

The application covers multiple features that are ideal for students, businesses, and other places where the visualization of information is very important. It disposes of ten different chart types, from which we can remind about pie charts, scatter plots, column and bar charts, line graphs, and more.

Users can also choose which color represents what by easily customizing the color properties for each item using the built-in color picker. The best part of this application is that it’s also able to immediately print the data on any AirPrint-compatible printer or share it over email or social networks.

The application usually costs $4.99, but now its developers are offering it with an 80% discount at the price of only $0.99. Chart Maker is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, and it can be downloaded from here.

Graphing Calculator HD

graphing calculator hd

If you are into Mathematics and you want to use your mobile device to resolve equations and create graphics for them, Graphing Calculator HD is the app for you. It has stunning graphics and capabilities, being able to plot a huge amount of functions while having implemented a powerful scientific calculator.

The application supports over 40 trigonometric functions, such as asin, cos, sin, log10, ceil, root, nroot, rad2deg, floor, ln, max, min, and much more. After creating the graphics using the above-mentioned functions, the application allows taking screenshots of the graphics and sending them through email at the highest quality possible.

Between the features, we find a lot of interesting things, like pinching to zoom, dragging and sliding for scrolling the graph, evaluating the function’s graph at any x value, and more. It also has a custom keyboard designed for mathematical purposes especially made in order to offer users a greater experience.

This application is available for iPad users and can be downloaded from iTunes from here. Note that the price of Graphing Calculator HD is $1.99 and that it is also available an iPhone and a Windows Phone 7 version that can be bought from iTunes and Windows’s Phone store, both for the same price of $1.99.

Roambi Analytics


Roambi Analytics is a very useful application that can create the best relationship between information and its readers. It has the great advantage of taking the data from anywhere you want and automatically transforming it into a simple and good-looking visual experience.

The application already has ten different views created by specialists, each one giving a unique and interactive visualization. Basically, after choosing the desired data to import into the program, you only have to choose which view you are interested in and that’s all. In seconds a brand new and beautiful graphic will appear that can be easily shared over the Internet.

The company has its standards so high that they always want to provide the best experience one can have when using its products. In order to do this, they made the application to be compatible with the most used file formats, like spreadsheets, BI, Big Data, CRM, and much more. Also, they made the application so that it doesn’t depend on the Internet; because in case you do not have any service, the application has to work.

Some users will think twice before buying this application along with its services because of its price, which can be considered by some users a little bit too high. It costs $49.99, but if you own a restaurant or a little business, this application can really speed up your inventory and increase labor efficiency by bringing real-time data for real-time decisions.



You should also take a look at the Graph application, which can create graphics and charts of all sorts. It can do a various number of different charts, between which we can choose lines, pies, bars, summaries, and more. Also, it offers support for saving and sharing newly made graphics over the Internet.

The best thing about this application is that it has a widget that can be placed on your phone’s home screen with your favorite charts. It can be a chart that lets you know about your car’s consumption, your savings and earning from each month and so on. The application can be only used by Android users and it can be downloaded for $4.99 from Google Play Store.

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