Almost six weeks after Apple unveiled the two new iPhones, the Cupertino giant will be taking the lid off the new iPad and the new iPad mini at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Theater on Tuesday, October 22. Though the iPhone launch was deemed evolutionary by many, it managed to break the weekend sales records with over 9 million iPhones getting sold on the launch weekend. Now the focus shifts to the tablet space with the refresh coming up for the iPad and the iPad mini. Apple started sending out the invites to the October 22nd iPad event last week which just read “We still have a lot to cover”. The invite design was reminiscent of the colorful iOS 7 icons, but didn’t reveal much about what to expect today. But that hasn’t stopped people from guessing, as it happens with all Apple events.

The new iPad (iPad 5) is expected to get a new, slightly thinner shape that’s more in keeping with the design of the iPad Mini. Traditionally, the new iPad gets the improved version of the processor on the current gen iPhone, but this time we expect it to have the same A7 processor as on iPhone 5s, possibly named the Apple A7X. We can expect improved camera module as well. But it remains to be seen if there will be a gold iPad and fingerprint sensor as well.

As for the iPad mini, it might not get the latest A7X processor, but the gen-old A6X which we saw on iPad 4. But the real focus is on the display on the new iPad mini. Everyone’s expecting it to finally get the retina screen, which has become a norm these days. Don’t expect the fingerprint sensor on this one, as Apple is already known to be running short of the modules for iPhone 5s.

We also expect to see the final build of OS X Mavericks being announced today, along with a date and price. In addition, people are expecting a refresh on Macbook line and finally the pricing and availability of the impressive Mac Pro which we got a peek at WWDC 2013. As for the rumormill, they’re still stuck with iWatch and Apple TV.

The iPad 5 event kickstarts at 10am Pacific sharp with a keynote from Tim Cook, and we expect some bloggers to live blog the event as and when it happens. Click here to know the start time in your timezone. Below are some of the best live blogs to follow.

Apple’s 2013 iPad Event Live Blogging Links

1. Engadget

2. The Verge


4. MacWorld

5. ArsTechnica

6. SlashGear

7. TIME Techland

8. AppleInsider

9. AllThingsD

10. TechCrunch

More links will be added soon.

Watch iPad 5/iPad Mini 2 event Live Streaming Online (#hope)

Apple seems to have gone back to its goofy self by restricting the live stream of their launch events to general public. They didn’t live stream the iPhone 5s/5c event last month, so the expectations have dimmed for the live stream of iPad event today. But then, Apple had live streamed the iPad mini announcement last October, much to our delight. This should keep our hopes alive, albeit the chances are extremely slim. If 9to5Mac is to be believed, Apple will hold a press event in London at the Kings Place Hall and will provide media attendees with a live stream of today’s iPad event. At the same time, the company is also streaming the presentation to its offices across the world, allowing employees to watch the event as it unfolds.

In any case, if at all Apple decides to live stream the iPad 2013 event, this is the link you should bookmark:

Apple Events Webcast

Even if they don’t live stream the event, expect them to upload the video on the above page right after the event ends on October 22nd. Other possible live streaming links include Twit Live TV and CNET, though the chances of live keynote streaming are pretty slim. But these two are great links if you prefer a video commentary over live blogging.

As always there’s one particular Ustream link which claims to be live streaming the Apple iPad event, but we won’t be linking to it, as they have proved themselves to be fake time and over again. We shall be updating the article as and when we get more clarity about the event and its live stream links.

Update: It’s now confirmed that Apple will be live streaming today’s iPad event! They have added the Apple Events channel to the Apple TV with a message saying “tune in at 10 am for the live stream.” Most probably they will also stream the event live on the web.

Update 2: Here’s the link to watch the Apple’s October 2013 iPad event live online. As always, you need to have Safari 4 or later on OS X v10.6 or later and Safari on iOS 4.2 or later to watch the live stream, but I’m sure there will be hacks to make them work on non-Apple devices which we shall update soon.

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