More and more are getting concerned about the security of their homes and with rapid technological advances, cheaper and easier to use solutions have appeared. The major factor which has contributed to this is the growth of the Internet of Things devices market. And, of course, the fact that smartphones are now ubiquitous makes it easier to be in control of the security of your home, wherever you are. Today we’re going to talk about Korner, a home security system that everybody can afford.

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There are many home security systems out there, but the reason why Korner has been created is that most of them don’t come at affordable prices. Korner isn’t very sophisticated, but it seems to be performing its job quite well. The name of the system has been chosen because of the of the tag which gets attached to your door’s or window’s corner. It’s different than other devices not just by shape but because it uses a combination of sensors which allows for a one-piece design instead of two-piece sensors. Not to to mention that it looks better and is really easy to set up and also consumes less power.

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Part of our mission is to bring home security to those who need it most, but who could never previously afford it.  Home security has traditionally been targeted at more affluent home owners, while middle and low income homeowners, along with renters, have been left to fend for themselves.  Even though these groups suffer higher rates of break-ins!

The Korner tags communicates with the Fob using industry standard Zigbee chips, a small central hub which you need to plug into your router so that it can then send data to your smartphone. If it detects unauthorized entry inside your home, the Fob will emit a high-pitched sound that will scare the intruder and notify you of the incident. If you’re not home, you will receive an alert on your smartphone, and you will then be able to call the police or to forward the alert to your Security Circle, consisting in friends, family and neighbors that you have selected.

By using the smartphone app, you will be able to arm and disarm the security system from anywhere you are. Also, you can set an arm/disarm schedule so the system will automatically lock down when you usually leave the home. Even more, the app keeps an eye on the battery life of the Tags and automatically notifies you when the batteries reach critical levels. With 43 days still left, the team has already managed to raise around $42,000 from the $150,000 goal.

At the moment, the cheapest offer for early bird starters includes 3 Tags and 1 Fob, and no annual fee for a lifetime for only $89. This will increase to $99 once the limited quantity gets sold out. After that, you will be able to buy 6 Tags and 1 Fob for $129 or 9 Tags and 1 Fob for $199 for those who have big houses.

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When I will have my own place, I will definitely remember to check out Korner, because it is one of the cheapest solutions currently available.
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