Starting this Thursday, the 12th of June 2014, the Football World Cup 2014 is going to begin with the game between Brazil and Croatia. It will be followed by a Friday filled with 3 exciting games, a Saturday with 4 and plenty more days with lots of entertaining, great teams playing against each other. While the first stage will end on the 26th of June, it will be followed by a second one starting on the 28th.

Those who love sports definitely know even more about the details of the following matches. Because we know that you like to be up-to-date with all the details from previous years of World Cup experience, we brought to you some of the best websites to keep you informed. We’ve previously covered How to watch FIFA live online and also how to watch FIFA matches on YouTube.


I know many people who look for the best high-quality highlights from the World Cup, and for this reason our article today will present you with some of the most interesting options. Whether you missed the best moment of the match, or you’d simply like to remember the joy of your team winning the game, let’s see what the best options are in addition to FIFA’s official website.


LastMinuteGoals has to be the biggest collection of goals and match highlights. Not just the world cup matches, they have the footage of the friendlies which preceded the first round of FIFA 2014. Moreover you get to watch with commentaries in multiple languages including English, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian. For us, this is the best place to watch world cup highlights online.


Who doesn’t know about Reddit? This is one of the most popular social networking services that provides news and information about all subjects at the moment. While every member is allowed to upload content – photos, data and links – only registered members of the community can vote the posts.

If you’re looking for football news, there is a section on Reddit that’s called Football Highlights. Similarly, there is another section dedicated to tennis and plenty of others for each other type of sport. All of them include photos, videos and full reviews of some of the best matches in the world. They come with data on the latest games, and it includes a lot of posts specially dedicated to the World Cup.

Just browsing through the available selection in the Football Highlights part, I could identify the 50 greatest moments of the world cup, as well as the best goals in history. Everyone is free to contribute and comment on any thread to ask for extra information. Check out the available highlights on the official web page here!

Soccer Highlights Today

For those who are especially keen on finding news about football highlights, some of the best information and videos are available on the website called Soccer Highlights Today. The best goals and moment are nicely divided into groups depending on the country that’s featured.

The World Cup 2014 has its own tab and section while there is also a part that’s dedicated to all the rest of the world. The videos are free and come with various options in terms of players, so that no matter what device they use, everyone can watch them.

You can check the Dortmund – Real Madrid game from the Champions Leagues, see how Mexico won against Ecuador with 3-1 in the latest one of their games or review the most relevant moments of the Portugal 0 – 0 Greece game. Many other important times in the World Cup for football can also be seen here.



Another one that focuses on football is Eurovivals – it promises to bring European football online. Although its name and slogan indicate a clear focus on highlights from Europe, there are many videos to watch from all over the world.

By simply researching data based on keywords that you’re looking for, you will most definitely be able to find some of the greatest recordings from the past. Apart from that, the information is nicely placed into various sections that include competitions, players, news, football highlights and even live streams.


We mentioned it before, when we discussed the greatest channels for highlights on YouTube. It’s called Footytube, and it started as a small news website for soccer fans. It recently turned into a huge community for those who love football.

It is especially good for World Cup 2014 highlights because it specializes in news related to the best goals, teams and matches in history. Important moments from the latest games are also re-memorized thanks to videos from professional journalists who recorded them.

Apart from high quality and precision, this website also brings funny podcasts and related information from the World Cup in Brazil. All data is split into sections based on teams and interest while the most popular teams are listed on the top of the page. Find out more about the highlights from football matches here.

Most videos on FIFA, as well as FIBA are limited by certain fees. You will be asked to subscribe and pay a certain amount of money before you’re allowed to watch the full recordings. However, many of the shorter ones are available for free. Also, their Youtube channels have a lot of free highlights to go through.



When it comes to seeing recordings from some of the most amazing matches in the World Cup, Youtube is definitely the greatest source of information. With a simple search, you are able to find a wide variety of videos to choose from – all you need to do is enter the keywords “world cup highlights” in the search bar and wait for the results to pop up.

There are many people all around the world who shoot videos of the best moments during the games. They also post some of them at a later time on Youtube. While many videos can be fake, and you will get many series of pictures instead of a recording, there are also dedicated channels that offer high quality information.

Some examples are the FifaTV or SuperHighlights. All of these and many others include video clips depending on what you’d like to see – football, tennis, rugby, cricket, basketball, etc.

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