The Customer Relations’ Director at PFGBest stated in October 2011 that, “for most people, mobile trading is supplementary”. What he meant by that is “they are using it when they are on the go”. This is true when it comes to many things nowadays – learning, working, playing and also investing while you’re on the go.

If you’re an active investor or trader, you might want to have access to high quality information. And sometimes, what brokerages have to offer via their own apps is just not enough for the best traders out there. For this reason, we select eight of the most impressive apps that adapt to everybody’s need.



Coming with a version for Android and one for iOS, StockTwits is one of the best apps for traders. It works like some sort of Twitter version for investors, letting you check what the market condition is at the moment.

You can see videos and charts, great market news and financial information from the best blogs and websites in the world – all this in real time. The tool is free to download and install, and it can be found in the iTunes store or on the Google Play website.

By adding symbols, you will be able to switch between these ones for easier access to data. The latest version has been updated in April 2014, and it needs version 5.0/later in the case of iPhones and iPads while it works perfectly fine with Android 4.1/up.

Some of the best features are the included watchlist that allows you to catch up on each one of the stocks you care about. Apart from this one, you also have a list of trending stocks and a collaboration section. The latter is there for you to connect with other investors and traders who could help you.

Stock Guru Pro

Stock Guru comes from Value Prime and is one of the pricey but great apps out there. It’s only available for those using iOS as an operating system, and it costs $19.99 – this is a one-time fee, so there’s no reason to worry about having to pay for extra options at a later time!

In addition to that, there is a limited offer now available on iTunes that lets you take advantage of a 20% discount. It’s been specifically created to be used on iPads, but it can also work on your iPhone or iPod Touch, and it’s been adapted to suit the iPhone 5.

The requirements are iOS v5.1 and a few clicks on the official web page in the store. Once you install it, you can use this interactive tool to evaluate risk and strength, check out reports that analyze the risk of stocks and pick the best ones using strategies that are proved to work. Find out more about its features from iTunes!



Who doesn’t know Bloomberg? They have the most impressive suite of newspapers, online magazines, white papers, case studies, apps and many others that help investors from all over the world. Since Bloomberg TV and its radio attracted a lot of clients’ attention, you might also want to take a look at the Bloomberg application.

A very reliable tool, this one can be downloaded for free if you have a BlackBerry, Android device or one powered by iOS. Working both on tablets and smartphones, this one is great to use at home, during meetings or even on the road, to have easy access to professional information and advice.

It only need version 1.6 in the case of Android, works well on iPhone and iPads using version 6.0 of this OS and suits BlackBerry OS v4.6 – v7.1. What this app does is it offers a collection of business and financial news from some of the most trusted online sources, lets you see charts, find stocks, see market information and create a list with your own stocks.


Similar to StockTwits, this app also provides you with real-time tweets related to the market situation and stocks. It is free, suitable for Android and iOS and works just like a social media network – one for investors.

Scutify lets you analyze the markets and gives you information about what happens all around the world of finance. You can follow other users just like you do on Twitter – this way you will have access to more meaningful commentaries and turn into a better investor.

If you use Android, you should have version 4.0 and in the case of iOS, it is necessary to use v7.0 or a later one. The tool comes in English-only for now, but more languages are promised to be added to both versions. You can read some of the clients’ testimonials on iTunes.

TD Ameritrade Mobile

td ameritrade

A cost-free way to stay up-to-date with all financial news, chards and quotes is the TD Ameritrade Mobile app. It can be downloaded on your smartphone or tablet, and it doesn’t matter whether you use iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

For Windows Phone, you will need version 8 or 8.1 or the OS, Android mobile phones will need to be using version 2.3.3 and iPhones have to run on iOS 5.1.1. Apart from the usual information you get via other tools, you can also have access to events by using the market calendar.

Using the paperMoney feature, you can also test some of your investing strategies, and you can share your ideas with myTrade. The latter is a community that also lets you connect with other traders just like you. This way, you will be able to build a group of people and start helping one another.


StockTouch comes with pretty visuals and charts that guide you through the investing process. This tool is free and only works well on iOS devices. It’s been specially designed to be used on iPads, but it suits smartphones just as well as it suits iPod Touch devices.

The same app has been recognized as the best one in the iPad Finance category in 2011. It is well-known for being a powerful way of monitoring and understanding the stock market. Categorized across 9 industry sectors, StockTouch lets you see the top 900 U.S and Global Stocks.

It’s easy to manipulate the charts, and you can zoom in to see extra details about one particular stock. By using two main colors – green for gaining stocks and red for losing – this application keeps you informed with just a few clicks here and there.

You can see each market by price and volume while you check out financial news about any company that interests you. Through the “favorites” features, the app lets you keep track of the stocks that you find most appealing. You can find out more about the amazing things you can do with StockTouch here.

Yahoo! Finance

yahoo finance

Yahoo is a very popular search engine that also comes with tons of articles for absolutely any matter in the world. Whether you’re interested in entertainment, lifestyle, health, IT or finance, as well as many other subjects to choose from, you can find everything you need on Yahoo.

What about a special application that’s called Yahoo! Finance and doesn’t even require you visiting the official website? You can now have all the data you need about stocks and the market status directly on your mobile device. Apart from that, the tool can also be used on tablets and notebooks.

It is a free app from Yahoo and works fine with Android and iOS devices – it needs v2.1 in case of the first ones and 6.0 if you’re using the second. The tool comes in English, but also French, Italian, German and Spanish.

You can check out the general newsfeed for information about the status of business around the world. Apart from that, you can track currencies, commodities and industries, add your favorite stocks to the watchlist and receive notifications about a specific topic you’re interested in.


Some of the best investors in the world rely on research when making decision. We all know that the best way to have well-done research is by doing it yourself. If you tend to include analyst ratings in your own, you might appreciate an app called AnalystRT.

You will have, indeed, to pay a price of $9.99, but you will have instant access to the opinions of the best analysts on the market. Thanks to this tracker, you can buy and sell stocks, as well as place them on hold. Ratings for the same activities are available for as many as 5,000 stocks in NASDAQ, OTC, NYSE, AMEX, etc.

The AnalystRT tool only works on iOS phones and tablets, requiring versions equal to or higher than 6.0. You can get this must-have app from the iTunes store for free. Don’t forget to find out more about it from its web page in the store right now.



CNBC is another one of the free apps that you can take advantage of in case you’re a trader or investor. It is also one of those few tools that don’t only work on iPhones, but are perfectly suitable for Windows Phone and Android smartphones, as well.

You will need to have a device running on version 4.0.3 of Android, one using v6.0 in the case of iOS or a Windows Phone 7.5/8/8.1. Once you’ve made your decision, you can go for CNBC with one simple click on the website corresponding to the OS your device uses.

After installing the app, you will have access to key business and financial information, all of it coming with photos and videos to learn more. It also provides you with real-time quotes to understand the situation of the market and lets you check out stock charts.

More than 150 new videos are uploaded to the application every other day and over 850 exclusive interviews can be read without having to pay any extra fees. Watch TV directly on your mobile phone, go to the top news and analysis and get notifications about breaking news – all these and many more here.

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