Another year, another iPhone, as I always like to say. But this year, as you all probably know already, Apple has twisted the plot and jumped into the big handset pool, by enlarging the panel size of the iPhone 6 up to 4.7 inches and offering an even bigger model, simply entitled the Plus. Well, with that move in mind, accessory manufacturers had a bigger task on their hands, and the results were quite good. So, in the following article, we’ll be showcasing some of the best iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases that you can spend the money on.

While most of the results below are simple & classic covers, we’ll also show some multipurpose variants that can help future owners dip their handset into clear water or take it to shopping, thanks to their wallet-like forms. Moreover, some cases even come with enhanced strength capabilities, protecting the expensive handset from physical damage, scratches and minor shocks. Let’s start, shall we?



Groovemade is a company based in Portland, Oregon, which manufactures wooden docks, panels, cases and all types of accessories for Apple products, in style. For the latest iPhone 6, they have prepared a suite of four cases that will surely attract the eyes of your buddies. To be more precise, future owners can purchase a simple case made from walnut or maple wood, that covers the back and sides of the gadget, for $89, or opt for a more stylish variant that also includes a leather front cover, for $129. Even though the prices are a bit high, these models are top-notch and are only available for the classic iPhone 6 as of now.



Spigen is a big name in the industry and one that has always surfaced through resistant casing at great prices, but without sacrificing on the design. For this year’s Apple wonder, Spigen comes with a various collection of tough armors, slim armors, metal cases and even wallet-like variants. They can all be purchased from the dedicated page and below we have the complete list of items (all of them are available for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus):

  • Tough Armor – $34.99
  • Slim Armor – $29.99
  • Neo Hybrid – $34.99 (also available in a metallic variant, for the same price)
  • Case Wallet – $29.99
  • Capella – $29.99
  • Style Armor – $ 29.99
  • Ultra Hybrid -$24.99
  • Air Skin – $24.99
  • Aluminum Fit – $29.99
  • Thin Fit – $14.99



A bit unknown in the sphere, but Versus has managed to produce a top-notch iPhone 6 case, with a dual layer bumper and an extra slim fit. Coming in all matters of color variants and names, this case is mostly made with aluminum materials and has the ability of protecting against light shocks. As you see from the image above, it also has a scratch protecting surface and a design that allows comfortable and natural grip. Selling for $22.99 on Amazon, this one is only available for the smaller iPhone model.

Innerexile Hydra

From a first glimpse at this case you wouldn’t see much, but after you watch the whole video you realize what special properties have been embedded in a such a simple aesthetic case. To put it briefly, the Hydra is a simplistic, transparent case that can withstand 10 kg of force and can even heal itself after being scratched. As tests show, this smart case can heal itself in 30 seconds after being scratched with a fine bronze brush delivering 1kg of force. So, in other words, it will surely survive anything that can be found in your pocket and keep its crystal clear imaging. All for $25.

The iPhone 6 case will be available from September 19th, and the iPhone 6 Plus variant will arrive in October for a slightly higher price. It will be sold in three transparent colors: clear, black and pink.

Case-Mate Brilliance


Who doesn’t love a bit more sparkle on the side? Well, if the shiny design of the new iPhone is not enough for you, Case-Mate comes with a Brilliance case, which if filled with sparkle and glamour. Designed with real crystals, leather and even an advanced system of interlocking, Brilliance comes in two colors (black and grey) and can be purchased for approximately $65. At this moment, the case is only available for the 4.7-inch model.

Lepow PIE – with extra battery

lepow pie

I’ve always thought of extra batteries as a nice thing to have, but the design ideas have always failed my expectations. Well, except this little bugger over here. The Lepow PIE battery case is a stylish casing solutions for those who wish a little more juice out of their iPhone 6, which hasn’t evolved much in this sector. What’s special about the Lepow? Well, as you can see in the image above, the product is a simple green silicon-made case that comes with a power “back-pack”, which uses a standard connector to feed power. The twist is that the extra charge attaches using a magnet, and can be simply removed whenever is not needed. Brilliant, right? Available for almost $74.

Incipio Feather


Everyone’s heard about Incipio and their light products, especially the Feather line. Available for the iPhone 6 Plus, this case will provide protection from low-impact shocks and scratches. Its best feature is by far the simplistic and nice looking design. The case is available in multiple colors, including black, grey, navy blue, magenta and even a crystal clear variant. All for $24.99.



The quite little Otter is known through the casing arena as a worthy member, and with the new iPhone they’ve managed to come up with some interesting options. For the iPhone 6, Otterbox offer the Defender, Symmetry, Commuter and the Commuter Wallet, for prices ranging from $30 to $60. Similar models can also be found for the iPhone 6 Plus at slightly higher prices, except for the wallet version. In general, these cases are made from high-quality materials with a stylish finish.

Supercase Protective


Right from Amazon’s shelves comes a slick iPhone 6 case with dual layer design that combines polycarbonate hard shells with a flexible TPU interior, ideal for accidental drops, bumps and shocks. The package also contains a front cover with a built-in screen protector and the side margins are ideal for keeping out debris, dust and even water. Another trick that this case is capable of is the addition of inter-changeable covers, with three variants being served for every purchase. With multiple colors available, the idea of having a strong, slim, stylish case that can be renewed with another color from time to time has sparkled our curiosity. Also, the price is up to the task: $14.99.



Last but not least, Griffin also has a few models for the new iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. From rugged cases that can withstand water, dust, debris and even medium shocks like the Survivor All-Terrain, to slim transparent models that act as a second skin for the fragile shell of the Apple product. You will also find here several cases that can be used with various sports, like the Trainer case for those who love running. Also, Griffin has some wallet variants, and the general price ranges from $20 to $60.

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