A few days ago, we were telling you that Nokia has brought its HERE Maps app to Samsung devices, and now it seems that the company is bringing the app to most Android devices. Nokia HERE for Android is still in beta though, and you can download it by following this official link, as the app isn’t yet available on the Play Store.

nokia here android download

If you can’t wait for the app to be officially available on the Play Store and want to download the beta, you should know that if you are using a cache cleaner on your phone it may disable navigation voices. The public release of the application is still undergoing final testing, so you are advised to get it once it exits beta. Let’s have a look at some of the most important features of the app:

  • Offline navigation: you get interactive maps and turn-by-turn voice guidance even without an internet connection. You can download and use offline maps for nearly 100 countries.
  • Nokia HERE Maps brings public transport maps and directions for over 800 cities in over 40 countries, also available offline
  • Live traffic info for more than 40 countries
  • The ability to share your location with family and friends in real time as you go via Glympse which is private and secure

Also, you can plan your journey on beta.here.com, and then resume your mobile. It’s also possible to personalize your map by creating Collections of your favorite places. Nokia Here also hasn’t yet made its return to Apple’s App Store, so maybe we could see it being launched simultaneously.

Nokia’s Here Maps division is among the last products remaining under Nokia’s brand, since Microsoft has made it clear that it plans to rebrand Nokia Lumia devices into Microsoft Lumia.

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