A few days back, we witnessed the first ever announced Lumia smartphone that has dropped the Nokia moniker from its name – the Microsoft Lumia 535. By now, Microsoft has probably finished rebranding all of the Nokia-named websites and apps in its portfolio, which means that Nokia is now officially without its iconic handset division.

nokia back wearable

But it seems that such a big name like Nokia isn’t ready to abandon the hardware market just yet. Today the company has posted an image with a mysterious black box on its Twitter account, saying – ‘guess what? We’re up to something’. A previous tweet contains the following image, which hints that the company plans to enter the wearables’ market. And prior to that, Nokia’s tweets were clearly speaking about a ‘reinvented Nokia’ and a ‘fresh start’.

nokia wearable

Nokia also included a link in its last tweet which points to the website of Slush, a tech conference focused on start-ups and new technologies. We can see that at 11:25 Finland time, there’s a ‘What’s next, Nokia?’ panel with Sebastian Nyström, Head of Product Business at Nokia Technologies. So, I guess it doesn’t get anymore clear than that. Nokia will unveil tomorrow a hardware product.

Albeit Nokia shared an image hinting at a smartwatch, the mysterious black box seems to be housing a device that looks as big as an Apple TV. But is Nokia ready to release a streaming set-top box or we’re just being deceived by the familiar shape of the box? Voices say that it could be a Nokia set-top device running Android TV similar to the Nexus Player launched by Google.

We will be here tomorrow following the event, so stay tuned to discover what’s inside the mysterious box. By the way, Jolla is also announcing something ‘big’ tomorrow, so we wonder whether these two are related.

Update: More rumors.

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