The OnePlus 2’s release date is set for July 27th, and we already know that it will get such features as USB Type-CSnapdragon 810 SoC and OxygenOS and an advanced fingerprint sensor, among others. And as we’re moving closer to that date, it seems that OnePlus wants to ensure that it will be able to squeeze out as many sales are possible from its first-generation smartphone.

oneplus overcart

After announcing that it will bring the OnePlus One to Flipkart soon, the device will soon make its way on, as well. Overcart is India’s first marketplace for unboxed, refurbished, pre-owned, and excess stock products being founded in April, 2012. Starting at price of Rs. 12,999, the 16GB of the OnePlus One 16 will go for sale next week.

Saptarshi Nath, Cofounder at, said the following:

This flash sale will feature fewer units as compared to our past sales. We are taking time to pass every unit through our proprietary quality check process. We are working with OnePlus authorised refurbishment partners to ensure that every product meets our certification prior to the sale

OverCart says that as per its internal research, the return rates of leading e-commerce companies in India can rise as high as 25% in certain categories, with electronics being close to 12–15%. “69% of such products are functionally perfect and are ready to be re-sold as unboxed.” Those who worry about the warranty, OverCart claims that these OnePlus One devices will come with 6 months of manufacturer warranty.

Even if the device is going to sell refurbished and unboxed, prior to the sale, all the units will undergo a thorough quality check to make sure that everything is in order. As the OnePlus 2 is expected to cost slightly more than the OnePlus One, there will still be plenty customers interested in the first-generation, and even in a refurbished version. After all, you get such features as 13 Megapixel camera a 5.5-inch full HD screen and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset among others.

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