Portable Media devices have come a long way, from the earnest BoomBox to the smartphone it has been quite a evolution. AT&T has been busy lately and the company claims that it will come out with a new bundle that would let users watch TV on any device and it will be a first of its kind. In all likelihood AT&t will be combining the wireless phone and the television technologies, this new innovation is expected to cost $200 a month for the initial 12 months.


This feature will be available to customers starting from Aug.10 and this move comes after AT&T took over DirecTV, a satellite company for a staggering sum of $48.5 billion thus becoming the largest television distributor in the States.

The merger marked the marriage of countries largest telephone and Internet providers with the country’s largest satellite provider. This underlying aspects of this deal include, creating synergies of television, wireless and broadband services.

Brad Bentley, Executive VP and CMO of AT&T told  NYTimes that “Today is the first of many planned moves to enable our customers to enjoy a premium entertainment experience anywhere,” and further added that “We’re going to deliver more TV and entertainment choices to more screens- when and where our customers want it.

This move from AT&T comes at a time when people are moving away from traditional cable and satellite services and opting for more cheaper and convenient streaming mediums (usually referred to as cord cutting). Apart from that television groups like HBO, Showtime and CBS are offering a standalone streaming service which would not require a pay-TV subscription.

Although the $200 per month subscription might seem to be on the higher side, the fact that it also bundles unlimited talking and texting for four wireless lines along with 10GB of wireless data quota turn it into a decent value for money package. The fact that AT&T controls both the satellite TV company and the wireless carrier it can easily bundle the services without any ambiguity from either of the sides. Moving on, AT&T is also expected to be launching other plans and packages.

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