Television began to be commercialized in the late 1920s when a very limited amount of people had access to it. Since that time till nowadays, TVs became more and more sophisticated – they came up with video cassettes and DVDs, and then internet TV turned into a normal way to watch movies and TV series. With Netflix, Hulu and iPlayer now playing an important role in our lives, it’s impossible not to ask for more from our devices.

If you ever wanted to watch TV anywhere in the house without using a cable, today’s article is going to tell you more about how to do that. Digital television is now possible thanks to wireless senders that are able to send the signal to a receiver. This is why all such sets include a transmitter, as well as a receiver – the first one will be connected to the satellite or aerial connection, while the second one will be placed next to the TV.

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It’s easy to chose and change channels from a remote location and still take advantage of a good quality of sound and image. Let’s take a look at five top solutions that we’ve identified for having access to cordless TV channels!

IOGear Wireless TV Kit


Known as one of the best but also very expensive solution for cordless TV channels, the IOGear Wireless kit is available to buy for $200. This is basically a kit that comes with a transmitter, a receiver but also a remote control, and it can transmit 1080p video to the receiver that has to be attached to your TV.

No matter where you place the TV, as long as it is within 100 feet from the transmitter, this kit claims to work perfectly. It has been recently updated – in April 2014 – to fix all problems customers were dealing with, including one minor issue with the remote.

It can also transmit content from your 3D, Blu-Ray, DVD player or DVR as it comes with wireless 3D support and lets you watch videos in 480p, 720p, 1080i, as well as 1080p resolutions. The transmitter comes with 2 HDMI inputs and 1 output, and the receiver has one HDMI output that serves for connecting it to the TV.

To easily install it, you have to connect the HD media source or sources to the wireless transmitter, and then connect the first HDTV to the local port of the same transmitter. In order to use a second HDTV in another room, you should connect this one to the receiver. If you’re only going to use on TV then this one can be directly connected to the wireless receiver.

Find out about the way it works and see the IOGear’s specifications on the official web page of the product. Please bear in mind that prices may differ depending on the website you choose to buy the kit from. It is now available on Amazon for $187, and other websites came up with even cheaper options.

Marmitek’s Digital TV

Marmitek has another great solution for watching TV wherever you want – in your living room, bedroom, kitchen or even bathroom. A little more expensive than the previous option, this one can be purchased for $214 on Amazon.

marmitek digital tv kit

To understand how it works, you should know that the Digital TV kit from Marmitek has a transmitter and a decoder, as well as a few cables that make watching TV anywhere possible. You will have to place the receiver next to your TV wherever that might be in the house, but before doing that you should connect the decoder to the COAX network with a COAX cable.

The Marmitek transmitter can then be connected to the decoder itself with the SCART cable you will receive. The infrared, power and SCART cables will have to be connected on the back of the same device. All of the necessary instructions are going to be listed as part of the installation guide you will get once you buy the product.

The operation frequency ranges between 2000 and 2478 MHz and channel switching is possible thanks to the FHSS mode that supports up to 25 different channels. The image resolution that’s accepted is 720p, and the kit lets you connect one TV in a room plus another one in the other – the same as the IOGear kit. More about the set from Marmitek, as well as user information in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch can be found here.

The RF Link Solution


One of the cheaper options we found is the RF Link ACS-5820 kit that can be purchased for $175. It includes a 5.8 GHz sender and receiver, as well as the necessary cables, a remote control, 2 power adapters and a remote extender.

As opposed to many of the similar offers available on the market nowadays, this device lets you lets you watch a different channel and switch between the available ones directly on the remote TV. It is expandable for up to 2 additional rooms, while the frequency is around 5.8 GHz.

Supporting 720p video resolution, the RF Link device also takes safety into account. This is why there is a strong immunity of interference between this one and any 900 MHz device – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a microwave oven, etc.

Most user reviews prove that this is a high quality set that supports both ATSC TV and NTSC signals. A quick guide for installing is included once you buy it, and it can also be accessed here. By following the user-friendly instructions, you can start taking advantage of digital TV anywhere. It is also important to orient the antennas for optimal performance – additional information about how to do this will be included in the manual.

Monoprice’s HDMI Extender

The HDMI Extender coming from Monoprice is another affordable set – the only negative side of it is that it lets you connect a single additional TV. In comparison, the IOGear Wireless kit makes it possible for users to watch television on two devices at the same time.

Coming at the price of $133 or its website and varying depending on the source you choose to purchase it from, this extender is not one of the strongest but can do the job. It is best suited for smaller apartments or houses since the area it covers can go up to 65.6 feet.

The positive aspect is that it has 3D capabilities, which means you can easily watch 3D movies using this wireless set at full resolution. It also comes with a remote control that can be used to operate any of the devices you’ve connected to it, no matter what room you’re in.

It features a transmitter, a decoder, 2 VDC AC power adapters, the Infrared and High Speed HDMI cables, as well as the user manual. It supports AES 128-bit image encryption and video resolutions that can go up to 1080p. Find out more from the product page here.

While it might not seem to be the most impressive offer, it works for both DVD players and TVs, and clients are pleased with the way it works. As long as you’re not looking for a wider coverage than what Monoprice can do, we’re safe to say that the image quality is high, and the audio is always very good.

Terk LF’s Leapfrog


The cheapest solution is the Terk LF-30S Leapfrog Wireless kit – it contains the usual transmitter and receiver, as well as 2 A/V interconnects, 2 power adapters, the cables you’ll need and an IR extender. It works with TVs, but also satellite receivers and DVD players.

The interesting aspect about this one is that it works for distances that can go up to 150 feet, which is more than most other devices offer. The $90 set will let you connect up to 3 additional TVs or similar A/V components and the frequency is 2.4 GHz.

Using RCA or Coaxial for the video output and RCA for the video input, this system comes with the downside that it won’t let you change channels in the remote location. However, it had 4 available channels and the general bandwidth is of 18 MHz.

Reviews coming from clients show that the general satisfaction rates are high – 3.8 out of 5. More about this kit and the way it works can be discovered on its website. As an alternative, cheaper version of the same product can be discovered on Smart Home and other pages.

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