Google Now is the most used virtual assistant on Android device, but there are also solutions provided by third-parties, as well. Most of them, however, come with feature which qualify them more as to-do list managers than as a virtual assistant. Shifu is a new Android app shifu android appwhich tries to bring the most of these two aspects in a single package.

Described as a new approach for creating reminders, Shifu lets you set reminders based on time, location, network or on a contact. Furthermore, it can identify hours of high usage, thus alerting you to charge ahead of time. And what’s really cool is that it can anticipate the next thing you need to do, such as predicting your next call and bringing out the right contacts when you need them the most.

Shifu learns from your interaction with the device and makes recommendations based on your usage history, location, time of day and individual preference. After installing and using the app for a few hours, I’ve discovered the call prediction feature to be very useful, giving me quick access to persons I call the most.

When someone calls you, but you can’t reply, Shifu now allows you to snooze calls instead of rejecting. Shifu will then find the right time when you are free to call back and it will pop up the contact for you to shifu android app smart assistantmake the call. The app also comes with Smart Battery Alerts derived from your battery consumption habit, thus reminding you to charge your phone well before you end up with a dead battery.

Shifu also comes with location based alert, allowing you to create tasks that will show up only when you are around a certain location. You can also create various tasks linked to a Wifi network, as well. One feature that I particularly enjoyed is the on call reminder. It happened to me countless of times to forget what exactly I wanted to say to my friend while we were on the phone, and once I hang up, I immediately remember. Shifu lets you easily add a reminder which will pop up during your conversation.

This smart assistant also has the Automated Cloud Sync option available, meaning you can sign in on multiple devices and all you reminders are seamlessly synced across all your devices. The app is available for free, so go ahead and give it a try if you are interested in further exploring its features.

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