In the era of interconnected system, Philips intelligent lighting system, Hue has opened up a host of new possibilities. Majority of domestic lighting fixtures till now primarily focused on lighting up the space and ambiance was the last thing in the mind. Philips Hue not only fixes your ambiance but being connected to the internet, brings in a plethora of possibilities which score on the utilitarian front as well.


If you have bought yourself a Philips Hue setup, congrats. Since the Hue can be controlled by smartphones and tablets it can perform some mention worthy feats with the help of some great IFTTT recipes.

1. Turn off the lights when you leave home

This feature is not only convenient, but it will also help you save on the energy. It is but common for us to leave the house without actually switching off the lights, this particular IFTTT recipe syncs with your GPS and once you leave your home, the lights will turn off automatically.

2. Making a Grand entry into your home

If you want to make a red carpet entry into your own home then this recipe is the best bet for you. It integrates with iOS location and once you enter the home, it will welcome you with colorful lighting, not bad after a tired day at work!

3. Flash your lights once you’re tagged in a new Facebook photo

Bored of the tiny speckled smartphone notification light, want something more colorful and majestic, then behold. This IFTTT recipe will connect Hue with Facebook so that whenever you are tagged in a Facebook post the lights will blink.

4. Blink lights when you receive a mail from a preset email ID

Don’t want to miss out that important football match on tv without worrying about your Boss’ e-mail? This recipe will help you do so by connecting your Hue lighting system with Gmail. All you need to do is preset the e-mail address, so that whenever you receive a mail from that address the lights will blink.

5. Change the light to blue if it begins to rain

If you want to keep a tab on the weather so that your outing doesn’t go waste, this recipe will come in handy. Connecting the Hue lighting with the Weather channel will allow it to turn the lights blue once if it begins to rain. However, it would have been great if the colors changed even for rain forecasts.

The aforementioned tricks will help you squeeze the most out of your Hue lighting system, the recipes are not just utilitarian but they are also fun to try out. The Philips Hue lighting set is available on Amazon and it consists of a bridge along with 3 LED lights. A single bridge is capable of controlling over 50 Hue light fixtures and is more than sufficient for a single household

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