Apple seems to be prepping an event in March 2016 wherein they are expected to pull the wraps from the second –generation Apple Watch. Along with the Watch, Apple could also be unveiling a 4-inch iPhone 6c as stated by the 9to5Mac sources


Apple tasted mixed success with the Apple Watch and the rumor is that the company has been working on the second generation Watch from quite some time. The Watch is expected to be fitted with new innards including a camera, wireless, sleep tracking and health sensor technologies although it is still unclear on which of these new features will actually make it to the production variant. It would also be safe to expect a handful of new bands and a software update as well for the Watch.

Apple seemed to have abandoned the “c” variants of their phone which has missed out on almost three iterations, now the folks at Cupertino are trying to revive it in the form of a 4-inch iPhone 6c. It is beyond doubt that Apple will be compelled to borrow the 4-inch display from the iPhone 5 and the 5s. We need to understand that the 4-inch variant will serve a niche of buyers who would not mind trading off the large screen experience for a small screened device that will fit comfortably in one’s palm, thus facilitating one handed operations. The iPhone 6c might be fitted with an A9 Chip and the improvised camera unit from the 6s whilst retaining the design of the iPhone 5s.

This will probably be the third time Apple has deviated from its usual practice of holding events only in the second half of the year, last time around the Cupertino folks had announced 12-inch MacBook, ResearchKit iPhone framework and also the final version of the Apple Wath. We are somehow pegging our hopes on the Apple Watch Generation 2 which in all likelihood may feature an improved battery and some new features as well.

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