It’s year end and YouTube decides to cheer you up with their YouTube Rewind Video and a handful of new features that have been baked into both the Android and the desktop versions. Instead of just mishmashing the top video clips of the year YouTube has actually shot a short video with more than 150 creators across the world to relive the best moments of 2015 along with the glimpse of most viral clips from YouTube history, somewhat similar to what Spotify did with the “Your Year in Music” except for the fact that the YouTube Rewind is not personalized in any ways.



Now let’s talk about the new features Google has baked in to the YouTube, the first one and the most awaited one is the Trending Tab. So now YouTube app will have four tabs on the top as we can see in the screenshots above and the new Trending tab will showcase the videos which people are watching, discussing and are being shared the most. In essence the Trending tab will let you in on the viral and the pre-viral videos thus enabling a new content discovery feature, something that YouTube needed desperately.

The Trending Tab will be available with the update in the app and it will help you pass the day with fresh clips curated automatically. YouTube has also included a feature which will help users find trending videos across a genre which will include topics like Music, Gaming and News.

YouTube has also added a few UI features like the “Ready to Play” button which essentially tells you when you can start playing the video without it being buffered while playing. The other feature is the new Buffer Progress which shows the amount of data you have buffered along with a remaining amount of data needed to complete the buffer. The last feature will not just help you gauge the buffer progress but also reminds you of the quantity of data the video will consume.

The Rewind Video is a form of tribute to the videos which were watched for nearly 25-Million hours and were created by Channels with subscribers in excess of 40 million. Surprisingly the Rewind video also includes our very own Jitendra Kumar from TVF (Remember Pitchers?) With these new features YouTube has finally decided to renew focus on the content discovery and they have also added a few mention worthy (Two if I am not wrong!) features to add to the intuitiveness of the UI. Here check out the video that sums up the YouTube year 2015,


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