At an age where our entire life revolves around the world wide web, it is still painful to tweak the Internet connections for the optimum performance. Routers, extenders and multiple connections have been the necessary ingredients to squeeze the best out of your WiFi connections.


Connectify is a company I have been quiet familiar with thanks to their Hotspot app which would turn any laptop into a WiFi Hotspot, a novelty during the days where LAN cables still ruled the roost. Now the company seems to take a pledge in solving all your WiFi woes by intelligently switching between the available Wifi, Mobile and Bluetooth networks or even blending them to create the best possible experience.

The app is called Speedify Mobile and thankfully it also comes with a data usage metering system which will intelligently decide between using the free Wi-Fi and the Mobile networks. The Speedify mobile app will establish a connection with the company’s speed servers in the cloud, this procedural step will help the app guage the speed of the connections.

The app will work in cahoots with the Speed Servers which will in turn segregate the Internet Traffic at the packet level leveraging the advantage of Wi-Fi and mobile data in order to deliver a combined speed. This will also ensure that the data dependency on the mobile connection will be shared with the Wi-Fi connection.

Managing Wi-Fi connections has definitely been a pain point for many. In spite of the fact that I have three working Wi-Fi connections, it becomes cumbersome for me to switch between them. The Speedify Mobile app is available for download for both iOS and Android devices. As of now, the app will offer a 1GB of free speed-up data and if you require a larger data quota, Speedify has subscription plans for the same.

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