Lost your data along with the phone? if this sounds like you, apart from setting up a reminder to back up your stuff regularly, here is a new innovation that will greatly help you out. It won’t be wrong to call the smartphones the treasure cove of our personal information, with all the sensors, applications and the accounts synced it is but evident that our smartphones carry the traces of each and every moment of our lives.


MEEM cable is an indigenous new way to ensure that you have backed up your phones regularly so that whatever happens to your phone at least the data remains intact. The MEEM cable touts to be the world’s first dual-purpose phone charger which also automatically backs up all your stuff including photos, videos, contacts, calendar and much more.

The most common reason that one would give for not backing up the smartphone data would be that they forgot doing so or that Wi-Fi was not handy and they wouldn’t have wanted to lose money on the more expensive mobile data. That being said charging a phone on daily basis is inevitable and as a consequence all the data will be backed up by MEEM, every time you charge the phone. The silver lining is that one doesn’t need to subscribe for cloud storage or shell out money for the subscription.

The MEEM is available for both Android and iOS the modus operandi involves the following steps, plug in the MEEM it will prompt for an app install, once its installed you need to setup your account and you are good to go. Every time the phone is plugged in the data is transferred to MEEM at speeds of up to 3 to 4Mbps which is indeed impressive. In case you lose your phone or it is rendered useless due to any of the adversities all you need to do is plug in your MEEM cable on the new phone and the data will be backed up in a jiffy.

The Android variant of the MEEM comes with 16GB and the iOS variant of the MEEM comes with 32GB of memory and while it might not sound a lot, the MEEM only backs up data not available on the public domain, which will drastically reduce the amount of data to be backed up. That being said, MEEM however seems to be missing out on the USB Type-C cable support which makes the device less future proof. The project is live on Kickstarter and the pledges start from £56 and go all the way up to £145. On a separate note the MEEM cable also scores some brownie points when it comes to aesthetics. If you treasure your data more than anything else it makes sense to invest in MEEM.

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