Apple seems to have decided on some minor changes in its tablet line-ups, in order to segregate the next gen 9.7-inch iPad, the company would be attaching it with the new iPad Pro line-up. This will translate into a 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models. Apple has done this before, the 12-inch Macbook came devoid of the “Air” tag although it was apparently a successor for the MacBook Air.


Apple’s next event which is expected to be held on March 15 will be the Launchpad for both the new iPad Pro variants. The smaller iPad Pro is expected to come with a similar set of specifications and the only noticeable change will be the smaller screen. Thankfully, Apple will still be supplementing the iPad Pro 9.7-inch with a smart connector and according to 9to5 Mac sources Apple is also prepping up a smaller version of its Smart Keyboard cover attachment for the new models. Here is the thing, iPad Pro 9.7-inch is expected to come in same variants as the iPad Pro but it is most likely to be priced in the iPad Air price range. On a related note, the new iPad Pro is also expected to sport support for the Apple Pencil.

It is sort of evident by this time that Apple wants to enforce certain changes in the tablet line-up and as a result it seems that the company is already decelerating production of iPad Mini and the iPad Air line-up, which is a tell-tale sign that Apple might scrap both these line-ups. We would hopefully be able to witness both the new iPad Pro, iPhone 5se and a new Apple Watch at the March event.

Apple seemingly wants to offer different variants with varied screen sizes and storage capacities for the consumers. That being said, it still confuses us on why are companies involving in restructuring the line-ups. As a matter of fact, even Sony dropped its signature Z-Series and instead has come up with the X-Series. In all likelihood the companies might be wanting the consumers to feel that the device they are buying is not a continuation of a series of older devices.

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