Two years ago Xiaomi had launched an initiative called Mi Ecosystem and the entire program was based on the premise of developing a slew of Mi devices that would work in tandem. The outcome of this program was impressive we saw the Mi Air Purifier and Mi Power bank which have garnered quite a lot of attention and has succeeded to make its mark.



Xiaomi has today announced a new Mi Eco System branding which will be a part of the companies endeavor to bring in newness and innovate. In order to make sure that the consumers resonate with the sub brand Xiaomi has named it Miria, which in Chinese translates to ‘Xiaomi Smart Home’

Lately, it is not uncommon for the companies to go for a rebranding of their ecosystem, something that the LeEco did a while ago. With the branding Xiaomi envisages on inching towards the lifestyle category. Xiaomi has managed to surprise us every time be it the scooter, routers, smart scale or even the air purifier. Xiaomi as a company has been divesting its efforts in diversified endeavours and this only gives us more reasons to see a slew of lifestyle products from the company.

As a part of the announcement Xiaomi has also introduced a new cooker that uses pressure IH heating technology. The cooker has been built to address the following issues lack of diversified product range, lack of good quality products and also the problem related with high electricity consumption. Furthermore the cooker also comes boasts of preset configurations which can be accessed and set via the companion app. Another important bit is that one can scan the rice code on the packet and the cooker will automatically adjust itself to the softness of the rice.


The salient features of the cooker include the IH electromagnetic heating technology that is somewhat similar to the popular Japanese electric cookers. Usually the cookers come with a heating coil on the side of the vessel while the Xiaomi cooker seems to be employing a coil at the bottom, inner side and on the top of the cooker. This placement of coils is aimed at providing a uniform layer of heat across all surfaces thus ensuring proper cooking. Mi IH cooker is priced at RMB 999 (Rs 10,900 or $153).

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